Attendance Clerks:


Finina Engle
Attendance Clerk - Last Names: A-Ga
[email protected]

Attendance Clerk - Last Names Gb-L

Denise Van Loon
Attendance Clerk - Last Names M-Sg

[email protected]



Connie Cervantes
Attendance Clerk -  Last Names Sh - Z
[email protected]

Important Things to Know

Office Hours: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Here you will find Useful Information for:

Report an Absence
Arrive Late to School
Off Grounds Pass
Emergency Contacts
Medication at School
Illness at School

Reporting an Absence

Parents/Guardians must communicate each day a student is absent.
A 24-hour answering machine will accept your calls at all hours; be sure
to leave a message.  Parents/Guardians may also email communications
from their email accounts registered on Infinite Campus.  All attendance
communications are logged.
When emailing or calling, provide the following information:
- Student's Full Name- spell the last name, ID number
- Your name and relationship to the student
- Reason for absence - please be specific.

A phone call or written note is required to clear an absence. If no parent or
guardian contact is made, the absence is recorded as unexcused truancy.
Our automated calling system will make two attempts daily to contact you
when your student has been marked absent in one or more classes.  If your
student believes the absence notation was made in error, have the student
report to the Main Office to obtain instructions for verification.  Failure to clear
an unexcused absence will result in truancy.
**Note that the State of California determines which absences are excused
and unexcused, not the parent/guardian.**

For specific policy information, please refer to FUSD'S Parent/Guardian &
Student Handbook on School Attendance.

Late Arrival to School

Students must check in at the Attendance Office before going to class if they
arrive at campus late. An admit pass will be issued with the noted arrival time.
Parents/guardians should call, email or send a note with the reason for late
arrival. Detentions are issued for all tardies when a parent has not made
contact with attendance.

Late Arrival From Lunch

When students arrive late from lunch, it is an automatic Detention. NO EXCEPTIONS

**Parents Cannot Clear these Detentions**


Off Grounds Pass

To leave campus during the school day, parent/guardian must contact the
appropriate attendance clerk before school starts.  They will be issued an Off
Grounds Pass which allows them to leave class early.  Students will not be
released without parent notification. Parent/guardian IDs are required.  If a
student leaves campus without a pass, it will be considered a truancy. Make
every effort to schedule doctor's appointments, haircuts, shopping, DMV tests,
family vacations, etc. after school hours.

Emergency Contacts

Keep information on emergency contacts’ current.  This can be updated in
the Infinite Campus Parent portal or by contacting the attendance clerk.
Notify attendance clerks immediately of changes in home phone/cell
numbers, addresses and emergency contacts (including contacts other than
the parent/guardian). Accurate information will enable us to make contact
quickly in case of an emergency. Emergency contacts CANNOT take a
student out of school without parent’s notification to the Attendance clerk.

Illness at School

If your student becomes ill at school, you will be notified of the student’s
condition, and you must make arrangements to transport your student. Do
not take your student off campus without first obtaining an Off Grounds Pass.
If a student leaves campus without a pass, it will be considered a truancy.
Students must be fever-free for 24 hours before returning to school after an

Medication at School

Students who need to take medication at school must have the required
district forms with doctor's signature on file in the office. Medication forms
must be renewed each year.  Prescription medication, such as antibiotics or
inhalers, and over-the-counter drugs, such as aspirin or Tylenol, may not be
carried or administered at school without the proper forms. Medication At
School forms may be downloaded from the Fremont Unified School District
Website.  Submit the completed forms to the school nurse for processing prior
to bringing medication to school.

On the last day of school, please remember to pick up any medication that is
stored at school. Medication left behind will be disposed of according to
district policy.