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LaShaunta Payne, Registrar

Phone: (510) 656-5711 X 46458

Fax (510) 623-9805

Email: [email protected]



All appointments are made with our centralized enrollment center, the department of Student Support Services, located at 4210 Technology Drive - Rm 160. For questions or concerns regarding scheduling, you may reach out to Student Support Services here at (510) 657-2350 or by email at [email protected]

ENROLLMENT FOR 2023-2024 SCHOOL YEAR - Open Now (Ongoing).

Start of 2023-2024 Enrollment


Must be a current Fremont resident having resided in Fremont for at least 24 hours at the time of completing enrollment and provide proof of residency prior to enrollment approval.

Please verify your home address falls under the Irvington High School attendance area before proceeding with enrollment here: School Locator

Please refer to our 2023-2024 Chart of Grades | Tabla de Grados | 齡和年級對應圖表 to determine which grade your child will be placed in based on date of birth.

Be sure to select the correct School Year in the application. Otherwise, there will be delays in processing your enrollment.  Select 2023-2024 enrollment.

DO NOT have other children attending: NEW Student Enrollment Watch the enrollment video for secondary (grades 6 - 12)


1. Gather your required enrollment documents:

a. Student proof of birth (birth certificate, passport, baptism certificate)

b. Student Immunization records

c. Residency Verification - Two (2) of the following are required (documents need to be current, within the last 30-45 days):

i. Lease agreement or mortgage statement

ii. Utility bill

iii. Pay stub

iv. DMV documentation (car registration, renewal notice)

v. Official Government mailing

d. Most recent transcript and withdrawal grades

It is important that you scan these documents to your computer/mobile device prior to beginning the online enrollment application. You will need to access these documents while completing the enrollment application. Please save each document as its own document as you will upload them in different sections of the online application (residency documents can be scanned together). Please name the file with the last name and type; please do not use non-alpha numeric characters such as commas, periods.

2. Complete and submit the online enrollment application.

Please be sure you are selecting the correct year when completing your form. Otherwise you may delay your child's enrollment and have to start all over again. Once you begin the process, you will receive an email from infinite Campus with instructions on completing the online enrollment.

3. After completing the online form you will receive an email directing you to set up a virtual enrollment appointment. During this appointment you will need to present photo identification. Your enrollment is not complete until after this appointment.

Please click on the link below only after you have completed step 1 (gathered and uploaded required documents to your computer or device)

* If you are the parent of a current Fremont Unified, log in to Campus Parent, select "More" from the menu, then select Online Registration to enroll your new student.

When you have completed steps 1-3:

  • Send an email to Registrar, LaShaunta Payne at [email protected]. Provide the student legal name, Confirmation or Application # and confirm the enrollment steps are finalized AND also select the appropriate below grade level course request, fill out completely and send it to the Registrar, along with the prior report cards (e.g. enrollment for 9th grade - provide 7th & 8th grade report cards) or transcripts (e.g. enrollment for 11th grade - provide 9th & 10th transcripts from prior school). 


  • Special Education / IEP - you can go directly to FUSD district office - Special Services - anytime during the summer, and complete a 30 day placement request.
  • Caregiver Affidavits (if student is living with someone other than parent/legal guardian) issued by Student Support Services by appointment only. Go to the FUSD Website, Enrollment tab to make an appointment.
  • Declaration of Residency (if you do not hold the lease or you live with someone else) issued by Student Support Services by appointment only. Go to the FUSD Website, Enrollment tab to make an appointment.

NOTE: WE DO NOT PRE-ENROLL students coming from out-of-state or out-of-country. Once the student is in Fremont, their family has established permanent residency in our attendance area and can provide residence documentation, the parent/guardian may complete the enrollment packet and make an appointment. We cannot make exceptions to this policy.

Irvington High School is classified as a closed school for incoming transfers.

Learn more about Intra- and Inter-District Transfers for:

*if you reside within the Irvington High School attendance area you are not considered a transfer student - transfers are for students who do not reside within Irvington High School boundaries.



ALL VERIFICATIONS ARE PROCESSED THROUGH  YOU MUST attach the former student's signed release of information. Be sure you have the correct grad year & maiden name.  

We do not accept phone, email or fax requests for verification.