Closed Campuses & Classroom Interruptions

To maximize student safety and the opportunity for students to relate in an informal setting, it is the goal of Fremont Unified School District to provide closed campuses at all school sites.

Only students enrolled at FUSD schools are permitted on campus during instructional hours.  All student visitors must first have the permission of the

Principal to visit the schools. No pupil shall be permitted to leave school at any time before the regular hour of dismissal except as noted in administrative regulations.

A principal shall not permit a minor student to leave school in the custody of a person other than the student’s legal parent or guardian unless that person has the verified authorization of one of the legal parents or guardian.  Properly authorized law officers may seize or apprehend according to the law.

All elementary schools and junior high schools will continue to have closed campuses at lunch time and at all other times during the instructional day.

BP 5145


In an effort to minimize class disruptions, please note the following school guidelines:

  • Students leaving early must be signed out and picked up at the office. Please note that we cannot call ahead of time, students must be signed out first with proper ID
  • Forgotten lunch must be dropped off on the cart in front of the office, make sure it has the student name clearly visible on it. At recess/lunch time students expecting lunch should check the cart. Please make sure to remind your child of the procedures.


According to Board Policies and Administrative Regulations 1240 & 1250 , siblings are not allowed to join school-age children on field trips or in the classroom.  Please do not bring younger siblings to the classroom when you volunteer.  We ask that you trade off with other parents for childcare so that that siblings are in a safe place while you volunteer here at school. Exceptions can be made for dropping something off in the office, parent conferences, and after school meetings when there is a break in instruction.