Homework Policy

At Mattos Elementary School homework is an integral part of the educational program offered to our students and is assigned on a regular basis. Parents and teachers should help students to become more self-directed, self-disciplined, and independent learners to improve immediate learning as well as long term academic achievement. The entire staff at Mattos believes in social, emotional and academic development of the whole child.  Homework prepares students for new material, reinforces learning, helps maintain long-term knowledge, and enhances classroom instruction. Homework also creates new understanding, builds a sense of responsibility in students for their own education, and informs or involves parents and guardians.

Furthermore, homework assignments are appropriate to the developmental levels of students, relevant to classroom instruction by providing enrichment, reinforcement, and an extension of learning opportunities. Homework is reviewed by the teacher for accuracy and completion. The teacher uses the student data from homework assignments to inform instruction.

Mattos recognizes that cooperation between parents and the school is vital for homework to be effective. Homework also provides various opportunities for parental involvement. Therefore, parents are encouraged to take an interest in the homework activities of their children.

The guidelines below are for weekly assignments of homework given at Mattos.  Homework will not be assigned on Fridays.  The total number of minutes stated below includes all subjects and classes. Students with excused absences are given the same number of days of the absence to complete the homework.

  • Kindergarten homework is approximately 10-15 minutes per evening, or 40-60 minutes per week.
  • 1st and 2nd grade homework is approximately 10-30 minutes per evening, or 40-120 minutes per week.
  • 3rd and 4th grade homework is approximately 30-45minutes per evening, or 120-180 minutes per week.
  • 5th and 6th grade homework is approximately 45-60 minutes per evening, or 180-240 minutes per week.

These minutes are based on time that is estimated for an average student working at an average pace.  Considerations are made for student with special needs.


Progress Reporting

According to the FUSD Board Policy 5120, the primary responsibility of the professional educator within a system of public education shall be to provide the best possible learning experience for the greatest number of students while recognizing the needs of the individual child. Reporting continuous student progress and achievement is consistent with this goal and should be considered and integral part of the teaching and learning process.  Reporting student progress and achievement is essential in facilitating communication between the student, his parents, or guardians, and those within the teaching profession. Finally, the reporting process is intended to assist teacher and learner in evaluating the student’s mastery of established course and grade level objectives.  It is the intention of Fremont Unified School District for a grade to:

A. Reflect academic achievement.

B. Be related to established evaluative criteria which are well understood by students and parents and are consistently interpreted by teachers.

C. Be accepted as an objective evaluation of performance and indication of successful performance at increasingly difficult levels of work.

Teachers will send out progress reports to families each Trimester at the elementary school.  Parents should receive progress reports of students who are performing below standards every six weeks in each Trimester.