Homework Policy

The FUSD Board of Education believes that homework is any activity assigned which is primarily accomplished outside of regular classroom time to advance student learning of the standards in each curricular area and that has a definite relationship to the student’s instructional program, and that supports and enriches class work. Homework is an integral part of the educational program of the students in the Fremont Unified School District and may be assigned on a regular basis. Homework should help students become self-directed self-disciplined and independent learners, thus improving their immediate learning as well as their long-term academic achievement. The Board believes in the development of the whole child and the importance of extra-curricular activities, play, and socialization.

Homework is defined as the time students spend outside the classroom in assigned learning activities. The Board of Education believes the purpose of homework is to practice and to extend knowledge and skill. The Board also believes, as research supports, that student learning is positively affected when homework assignments are purposeful and engaging, and are appropriate in quality and quantity. Homework prepares students for new material, reinforces academic learning, provides feedback on learning effectiveness to the teachers and parents, and expands upon classroom instruction. It creates new understanding, building a sense of responsibility in students for their own education, and seeks to inform/involve parents and guardians.

Homework assignments should be appropriate to the developmental levels of students and relevant to classroom instruction as enrichment, reinforcement, and extension of learning opportunities, not a displacement of or substitute for classroom instruction. 

Homework will be reviewed by the teacher for correctness. The teacher will use the student data from homework assignments to inform their instruction.

The Board recognizes that cooperation between parents and the school is necessary for effective home study. Parents are encouraged to take an interest in the homework activities of their children and provide conditions which are conducive to good study habits.

The Guidelines below are for daily assignments of homework. The total number of minutes stated below include all subjects and classes.

Grade Daily Minutes* (Homework does not need to be assigned every day)
Kindergarten 0-15 minutes
1st Grade 0-20 minutes
2nd Grade 0-25 minutes
3rd Grade 0-30 minutes
4th Grade 0-40 minutes
5th Grade 0-50 minutes


*These minutes are based on time estimated for an average student working at an average pace. Considerations are made for students with special needs. Students may be excused from completing homework when they have exceeded the upper limit of the daily minutes with a note from the parent/guardian.

All assignments, studying for exams, working on projects, and assigned reading should be included in the required nightly minutes for homework. Students with excused absences are allotted the same number of days of the absence to complete work. Homework should not be assigned on Fridays, during breaks and vacations as a regular practice. The Board’s intent is to reserve weekends and vacations for family time.

The Board supports the development of life-long readers and encourages independent reading. Assigned reading minutes in elementary grades are part of the homework minutes. Students and families are strongly encouraged to choose to read more than what is assigned.