Policies & Handbook

23-24 MV Family Handbook
23-24 MV Supply List

The speed limit on school grounds (in our driveway and in the parking lot) is 5 miles per hour. The speed limit on our surrounding residential streets is 25 miles per hour. Please remember to observe these speed limits when you are driving your children to and from school.

Remember also that areas in front of cones and red curbs are NO PARKING ZONES. Please find a legal place to park that does not block staff and handicap access to the parking lot.

We appreciate your continued commitment to safe driving. We want to make sure that our community is a safe place for our Mission Valley students and neighbors.

Items can be found on the hooks on the side of the school office.

Lost and found items will be donated at the end of each month - please be sure to check for lost items on a regular basis.

Traffic & Drop Off
Please help us keep our students and staff safe by abiding by our parking lot and valet procedures.  Safety is our number one priority in the morning and afternoons as our students arrive and depart from school.  Please pass this message along to your carpool drivers as well. 


Loading/Unloading Procedures:

Parents dropping off or picking up students must enter the campus from the cone lane on Denise Street.  You can ONLY get into the queue off of Chadbourne. There are no left turns from Denise Street into the school loading/unloading zone.  Please pull all the way forward into the loading/unloading zone and do not get out of your vehicle.  Please do not stop in the middle of the circle as it impedes the traffic flow.  Ten to twelve cars are able to enter the zone at one time.  Once all students have been loaded or unloaded, all vehicles will leave in a group and the next group of vehicles will be allowed to enter.  You will be asked to go around the block and begin the procedure again if your student has not entered your vehicle by the time the cars are directed to leave the zone. Please remember the parking lots are for Mission Valley Staff only.  Remember the side access road is for EMERGENCY VEHICLES, MISSION VALLEY STAFF and CAFETERIA DELIVERIES ONLY.

Students are not allowed to wait anywhere for shuttle drives other than the “carpool” zone in the valet lane. 



The parking lots in the front and the back of the school are for staff parking only. 

Please do not park in front of the entrance to the school.  Even though it may be coned off, this is a fire lane and must be kept clear at all times.

Please do not use the rear parking lot for any reason between the hours of 8 am and 4 pm.

Students are NOT to walk through the parking lots for any reason.


Use of school property is by permit ONLY. Instructions on how to obtain a permit.

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