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Mission San Jose High School was established in 1964.  The school is composed of a series of low slung buildings surrounded by lush lawns, gardens, and trees.

Mission San Jose is nestled in the foothills at the northern edge of the Mission San Jose District; one of five townships that were joined in the 1950’s to create the present day city of Fremont.  The historic Mission San Jose founded by Spanish Missionaries is just down the road from the school.  Today Mission San Jose and the Fremont community are on the edge of the burgeoning Silicon Valley.

Mission San Jose is well known for the talented and dynamic students who matriculate through the school. These students are aided in their success by a devoted staff and dedicated parents.

Parental involvement consists of our three main parent groups, Mission Possible Parent Faculty Association (MPPFA), Parents of Universal Performers (PUPS) and Mission Boosters.

Both the current students at Mission San Jose and the talented alumnae are global citizens who demonstrate accountability and resiliency in all they do.  They are collectively working to ensure a better world and a better future for everyone.

MSJHS Mission Statement

MSJHS nurtures the academic, personal and social development of students to prepare them for a lifetime of learning, service and leadership in an innovative and evolving global community.


Schoolwide Learner Outcomes
MSJHS will support students on their academic, social and civic journey.

W ell-rounded individuals

A nalytical thinkers

R esilient people

R espectful of ourselves, community and the environment

I mpactful citizens

O riginal artists

R isk-takers

S ocially responsible peers

Preparing the Next Generations for the Global Community
Mission San Jose High School prepares students for an innovative, evolving, advanced and culturally diverse global community. We believe that a solid, well-rounded education is the basis for personal and professional development. We create a positive, safe and supportive learning environment. We nurture the academic, personal, and social development of our students, preparing them for a lifetime of learning, service, and leadership.

  • Parents partner with the school in assisting students in their academic achievement and growth toward personal maturity.
  • Students engage in learning as active participants in their own development.
  • Teachers focus on creating a rigorous and relevant curriculum which will prepare students to be college and career ready.
  • Teachers, counselors, and administrators all support rigor and relevance for the student and place an emphasis on ensuring that positive and collaborative relationships are established to foster deeper and more meaningful learning.

Schools Feeding into MSJHS

The MSJHS feeder elementary schools are:

  • Gomes Elementary
  • Chadbourne Elementary
  • Mission Valley Elementary
  • Mission San Jose Elementary

Junior High:

  • Hopkins Middle School


District and State Data Review 

The Data Dashboard link will assist you in gaining more information about Mission San Jose High School and how it compares and ranks with other schools in California and the United States.  The California Department of Education link will provide a wealth of general and specific information related to education programs, legislation, test results, and much more.

California School Data Dashboard

California Department of Education Home Page

Mission San Jose High School Profile 2023-2024

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