Fremont Unified Students Take Top Prizes at 2024 DECA International Conference

More than 23,000 attendees from around the world met in Anaheim in April 2024 for the DECA International Career Development Conference (ICDC).

DECA is a global organization, with school-sponsored chapters at some Fremont Unified high schools, that prepares students to be leaders and entrepreneurs in various fields, including marketing, finance, hospitality and management.

ICDC is the culmination of the DECA year, with finalists from around the world competing to be named an international champion in their competitive event.

Fremont Unified students did not disappoint, with teams from Mission San Jose, Washington and Irvington high schools placing in the top of their events in this international competition!

DECA world champions

1st Place Champions Nathan Ko & Anson Lam, Mission San Jose High School

Top 3 In the World

  • 1st Place - Nathan Ko & Anson Lam (Mission San Jose) - Virtual Business Challenge Restaurant
  • 2nd Place - Aviram Jithesh, Ryan Hsu & Aavyan Paramel (Washington) - Virtual Business Challenge Accounting
  • 2nd Place - Bhavya Mehta & Abeer Saboo (Washington) - Career Development Project
  • 3rd Place - Rishi Ranga, Rohan Ranga & Roshan Ramesh (Washington) - Virtual Business Challenge Accounting

Top 10 in the World

  • 4th Place - Adam Le (Irvington) - Business Growth Plan
  • 5th Place - Mihira Murthy & William Namgyal (Irvington) - Buying & Merchandising Operations Research
  • 6th Place - Om Dadlani, Devansh Daxini & Anish Polakala (Washington) - Business Solutions Project
  • 7th Place - Asvin Aravindan, Faraz Khan & Vivek Krovvidi (Washington) - Virtual Business Challenge Entrepreneurship
  • 7th Place - Aarav Jagtiani (Mission San Jose) - Virtual Business Challenge Sports
  • 7th Place - Lawrence Jia & Karan Raina (Irvington) - Business Law & Ethics Team Decision Making
  • 7th Place - Ameya Ravi (Washington) - Principles of Hospitality & Tourism
  • 8th Place - Megha Hedge & Anya Kapoor (Mission San Jose) - Business Growth Plan
  • 9th Place - Vendatman Duhoon & Shubham Patil (Mission San Jose) - Entrepreneurship Team Decision Making


Washington High School DECA at 2024 ICDC

Congratulations to all the competitors, and thank you to the advisors (Jorge Ballado at Irvington, Bellamy Liu at Mission San Jose, and Vincent Wu at Washington) and the many others who supported students on their path to ICDC.

Learn more about DECA at, and click here to find the full list of 2024 DECA ICDC Competitive Event Champions.