Board Meeting Highlights: February 14, 2024 (Regular)

See the Meeting Agenda for a full listing of items considered and actions taken at this meeting.

7.1 Superintendent Report

Superintendent CJ Cammack reported that last week was Counselor Appreciation Week, and thanked each of our counselors for their critical support for students. Superintendent Cammack and Cabinet Members visited American High School and Cabrillo Elementary, and thanked the students and staff for hosting them.

Superintendent Cammack also acknowledged the administrators who were named Region 6 Administrators of the Year by the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA):

  • Director of Elementary Education Robin Sehrt, Central Office Administrator
  • Robertson High School/Vista Principal Salvador Herrera, Continuation/Ed Options Administrator
  • Oliveira Elementary Principal Linda Anderson, Elementary Principal
  • Horner Middle School Assistant Principal Harry Pabley, Secondary Co-Administrator
  • Fremont Adult and Continuing Education Assistant Principal Jacklynn Sprague, Ed.D., Adult Education Administrator

Two of our educational partners were also recognized:

  • Mission Valley ROP Superintendent Thomas Hanson, Career Technical Administrator
  • Mission Valley SELPA Director Sarah Kappler, Special Education Administrator

Trustee Larry Sweeney noted that Superintendent CJ Cammack was honored in the Superintendent category.

13.1 Gomes Elementary School Showcase

Principal Pamela Hughes, PTA President Grace Chang, and three student representatives presented the Gomes Showcase to highlight the school's accomplishments, areas of focus, unique characteristics, student perspective, and parent/guardian and community perspective.

16.1 Receive Annual Demographic Study Including Student Enrollment

Staff and a SchoolWorks, Inc. representative presented the Fremont Demographics Presentation.

The Fremont Unified School District contracts with SchoolWorks, Inc. to update and analyze demographic data relevant to the District’s facility planning efforts. The scope of contracted work includes: mapping the District, geocoding a student file that is usually representative of October's official head count, developing and researching pertinent demographic data, identifying future residential development plans, if any, and developing a six-year student population projection.

The purpose of this report is to identify and inform the District of the trends occurring in the community; how these trends may affect future student population; and to assist in illustrating facility adjustments that may be necessary to accommodate the potential student population shifts. The District can then use this information to better plan for the need, location, and timing of facility adjustments.

The updated demographic study shows that the District will continue to experience declining student enrollment for the next six (6) years. The projected enrollment for 2024-25 is 32,509 students and represents a year-over-year projected decrease of 151 students or 0.46%.

The projected enrollment in 2029-30 (6 years from now) is 30,752 students, a decrease of 1,908 from 2023-24 or 5.84%.

This was a non-action item; Trustees received the Annual Demographic Study Including Student Enrollment.

16.2 Receive Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) Mid-Year Update

Districts are now required to present a report on the annual update to the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) and the local control funding formula Budget Overview for Parents (BOP) on or before February 28 at a regularly scheduled meeting of the governing board.

The Mid-year LCAP report includes both of the following: all available midyear outcome data related to metrics identified in the current LCAP; and, the available midyear expenditure and implementation data on all actions identified in the current LCAP. The Budget Overview for Parents (BOP) "snapshot" was taken on December 31, 2023. The 2024 LCAP Mid-Year Monitoring Report for the 2023-24 LCAP only includes the expensed budget. In order to provide a complete overview, the slide presentation includes both expensed and planned expenditures.

This was a non-action item; Trustees received the Receive Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) Mid-Year Update.

District Office at sunrise