Board Meeting Highlights: May 8, 2024 (Regular)

See the Meeting Agenda for a full listing of items considered and actions taken at this meeting.

6.1 Report on Action taken in Closed Session

The Board unanimously approved the appointment of the following staff for the 2024-25 school year:

  • Leslie A. Heller - Director - Secondary Education

7.1 Superintendent Report

Superintendent CJ Cammack acknowledged Teacher Appreciation Week, a time at which we celebrate all certificated staff, including teachers, specialists, psychologists, pathologists, principals, assistant principals, nurses, and more. He thanked all educators for the impact they have and the dedicated effort they bring to their work. We will celebrate Classified School Employees Week later in May.

He also welcomed Director of Special Education Fran English, who – along with Fremont Education Foundation President Kathy Kimberlin – presented awards to students who won the All Abilities Welcome poster contest.

7.2 Student Member Report

SURFBoardE Representative Vedesh Kodnani, appointed proxy for Student Board Member Ananya Balaji, shared highlights from schools, including AP testing at high schools this week and next, plus end-of-year events for students and staff appreciation events.

13.1 Walters Middle School Showcase

Principal Dana Graham, PTO President Gina Roberti and a student representative presented the Walters Middle School Showcase to highlight the school's accomplishments, areas of focus, unique characteristics, student perspective, and parent/guardian and community perspective.

16.2 Fremont Unified School District: Sustainability Update

Since the 2018/2019 school year FUSD has brought forward resolutions highlighting and committing steps towards addressing our district-wide work in sustainability.

A team of involved staff presented a 2024 Board Update- Environmental to serve as an update for the Board of Education on the work to date, with data points to help track progress and growth in relevant areas. This presentation is a collaboration across divisions and departments within FUSD, including Curriculum and Instruction; Transportation; Maintenance, Operations and Grounds; and Child Nutrition Services, and staff from each department provided updates.

16.3 Conduct a Public Hearing on Proposed Request to Renew Waiver to the State Board of Education for the Disposition of Marshall Property and Consider Authorizing the Submittal of the Waiver Renewal Request

The Marshall Property is formerly the Marshall Elementary School Site, a 2.62-acre parcel with former school buildings located at 5301 Curtis Street in Fremont (“Marshall Property”). At its April 21, 2021 meeting, the Board declared the Marshall Property surplus to the District’s educational needs and on June 15, 2022, the Board approved and authorized the application to the State Board of Education (“SBE”) requesting a waiver of the required competitive bid process pertaining to surplus property at Education Code section 17455, et seq. At its meeting on November 2, 2022, the SBE approved the District’s waiver request, subject to specified conditions, for the period beginning September 28, 2022, and ending September 26, 2024.

The District seeks to renew its SBE waiver, which allows the District to consider all proposals from the public through an RFP Process, directly negotiate with potential buyers, obtain the best price for the transaction, and negotiate other terms most beneficial to the District. While the District is currently considering proposals from potential buyers and anticipates entering into negotiations for a purchase and sale agreement based on proposals received to date, it is likely that such purchase and sale agreement will require that, as a condition for closing, the buyer has received certain entitlements from the City to develop the property.

Accordingly, in the event negotiations for a purchase and sale agreement fail or the sale of the Marshall Property does not proceed to closing based on a buyer’s conditions, the District desires to maintain the flexibility of its SBE waiver through a renewed waiver. Without the waiver, the District would be prohibited from releasing a new RFP, accepting proposals, and negotiating with potential buyers; instead, it will be restricted to selecting the highest priced bid due to its current waiver expiring in September 2024.

The Board conducted a public hearing regarding the submittal of the request to renew the waiver to the SBE; and authorized District staff to submit the application to the SBE, requesting renewal of its waiver of the statutory bid procedure for the disposition of the Marshall Property.

16.4 Approve the Mural Project at Irvington High School

Principal Stan Hicks at Irvington High School, is requesting approval to paint a mural on site. The mural was created and developed by two student artists in collaboration with an IHS teacher. The mural was designed by hand and enhanced with digital media. The size will be approximately 6'x8' and the paint will be funded through Visual Arts Club funds. Director Ekman has approved the location for the mural, which is intended to be painted around Valkyrie Gallery, a door in the Courtyard of Irvington High School.

Principal Hicks has provided a picture of the proposed mural. The black rectangle represents the door of the gallery. Once approval has been received, Principal Hicks can procure the materials to begin the project.

The Board unanimously approved the Mural Project at Irvington High School.

16.5 Approve the Mural Project at Forest Park Elementary School

Principal Denise Mapelli at Forest Park Elementary School is requesting the installation of a mural panels with a 4' by 6' plywood on an outside wall for community/students to decorate individual tiles to commemorate Forest Park's 30th anniversary. Director Ekman has approved the location for the mural installation, which will be the wall in the lunch area between rooms 402 and 404.

Principal Mapelli provided a sketch of the proposed mural. Once approval has been received, Principal Mapelli can procure the materials to begin the project.

Staff recommends that the Board approve the Mural Project at Forest Park Elementary School.

16.6 Superintendent Search Process - Updated 5/5/24

Fremont Unified School District (FUSD) Superintendent CJ Cammack has notified the Board of  Trustees that he anticipates departing his position with FUSD at the end of the 2023-24 school year. Mr. Cammack will become superintendent of the San Ramon Valley Unified School District as of July 1, 2024, pending final action and approval by the SRVUSD Board of Education May 14, 2024.

This agenda item will allow the Board of Education to have discussion, provide direction, and consider possible action regarding the superintendent position and the process to be used for selecting a new superintendent. Key decisions to be discussed include:

  1. Whether to conduct a search and hire a search firm;
  2. should the board choose to hire a search firm, the board’s Executive Assistant, under the direction of the Board President, has requested a proposal from a firm previously used. The proposal is attached for the Board's review;
  3. appoint two members of its board to coordinate logistics;
  4. and, the board may choose to provide direction to staff, or the two board members appointed above, to further explore and appoint an interim superintendent. No appointment of an interim would be made at this meeting, but action could be taken in a future meeting in accordance with personnel appointments and approvals.

Should the Board of Education decide to secure the services of a firm to conduct a search for the next superintendent, staff recommends that the effective date of the contract be for no earlier than May 15th, pending Superintendent Cammack’s approval by the San Ramon Valley Unified School District, and final action is completed.

The Board discussed the search process, and unanimously: approved entering into an agreement with Leadership Associates, appointed two trustees (President Zhang and Vice President Sweeney) to coordinate search logistics, and provided staff and Board-appointed trustees direction to further explore appointment of an interim superintendent - which would be determined at a later time.

District Office at sunrise