Board Meeting Highlights: October 11, 2023 (Regular)

See the Meeting Agenda for a full listing of items considered and actions taken at this meeting.

2.1 Approval of the Board Agenda

The Board unanimously approved the agenda with the removal of item 12.3 by request of District staff.

7.1 Superintendent Report

Superintendent CJ Cammack reported that the Executive Cabinet visited both Blacow Elementary and Walters Middle School this morning, and thanked the staff and students for allowing the interruption. He also acknowledged School Administrators Week, and thanked our leaders across the District. Last week he enjoyed attending a professional development session for the new Prisms supplemental math curriculum. He congratulated Mission San Jose, American and Irvington high schools for being named to the AP School Honor Roll this month. Last week Fremont Unified’s Teacher of the Year Rachel Brown was honored at the Alameda County Teacher of the Year Awards. Finally, he thanked the approximately 50 staff participating in the Aspiring Administrators Academy run by Assistant Superintendent Zack Larsen.

7.2 Student Member Report

Student Member Ananya Balaji reported that it is mostly business as usual at school and for SURFBoardE, with spirit weeks and homecoming events continuing at high schools.

14.1 Robertson High School/Vista Alternative School Showcase

Principal Sal Herrera and Assistant Sheila Jemo presented the Robertson High School/Vista Alternative School Showcase to highlight the school's accomplishments, areas of focus, unique characteristics, student perspective, and parent/guardian and community perspective.

16.1 Receive Information from Summer 2023 Program

Director of Elementary Education Robin Sehrt, Director of Secondary Education Jesus Jimenez and Director of Special Education Fran English presented the 2023 Summer School Programs annual update related to offerings and student performance.

Over the summer of 2023, FUSD offered programs for students at the elementary, middle, and high school levels for students in need of academic support:

  • Elementary Summer Academy
  • Junior High/Middle School Summer Math Academy
  • Extended School Year
  • Credit Recovery

These programs were targeted toward improving academic performance in the areas of English Language Arts and Math for elementary and middle school and recouping units at the high school level.

No action was taken; this was an informational item.

16.4 Update for Measure E Bond Program Group 1 Elementary School Modernization Projects

On June 3, 2014, the voters of Fremont approved the $650 million Measure E general obligation bond initiative. The scope of the bond work includes upgrading and repairing neighborhood schools by updating technology and aging classrooms; upgrading electrical wiring to current safety codes; fixing or replacing leaky roofs, aging plumbing and restrooms; removing asbestos; and repairing, constructing and acquiring equipment, classrooms, sites, and facilities.

On February 22, 2017, the Board of Trustees (Trustees) approved the revised Measure E Bond Implementation Plan. On May 23, 2018, the Board received a presentation on the updated Measure E Bond Implementation Plan. On December 10, 2019 the Board approved the updated budget allocation and authorized staff to proceed with the Group 1 projects. On May 11, 2022, the Board received a presentation of Measure E Group 1 projects, approved the Group 1 projects scope, and directed staff to proceed with the design development and construction document design phases.

Director of Facilities & Construction Adam Lint and RGM Kramer representatives presented the status of the Measure E Bond Program Group 1 elementary school projects to discuss final project scopes and revisions to the newly estimated budgets. Staff requests that the Board receive the presentation and provide approval to proceed with the scope and budget as indicated in the presentation. This item will return to our next Agenda for the Board to provide formal approval on the scope; this timing will be imperative to ensure adequate time to receive the Division of State Architect (DSA) plan approval and for bidding projects in advance of Summer 2024 to ensure contractors are under contract promptly to ensure procurement of long lead items.

A net increase of $518,721 in project costs amongst the five sites is currently estimated for the Group 1 projects. This difference will be deducted from the program contingency. If bids do come in higher than budgeted, however, there will be approximately $15M in program contingency at that time due to savings recouped from the Middle School Conversion projects that can be used to supplement the project budgets.

At this time, this is an informational item, and staff is seeking input, discussion, and direction. Staff will bring the item back to a future Board meeting for a formal vote/action.

16.5 Presentation of Tak Fudenna Memorial Stadium Modernization Project and Project Budget

On September 27, 2023, the Board authorized staff to file a Notice of Completion for the Turf Replacement Project, with a final cost ~$1.2M. The Turf Replacement project at Tak Fudenna Memorial Stadium has been completed and handed over to the District for use, but there exist other needs at the stadium beyond the turf replacement.

Director of Facilities & Construction Adam Lint and RGM Kramer staff provided the Tak Stadium Modernizations Presentation on the current status of Tak Fudenna Memorial Stadium outlining additional scope that can be undertaken to improve the condition of the stadium, including but not limited to: track resurfacing, scoreboard upgrade, team room upgrade, stadium lighting replacement, erosion control, bleacher upgrades, and ADA and Division of State Architect (DSA) upgrades.

The total cost for the Memorial Stadium Modernization is estimated at $9,772,000, inclusive of the cost for the turf replacement project ($1.2 million) which has already been completed.  As a result, to fund all the scope in the three priorities outlined in the presentation, an additional $8,572,000 is estimated to be needed.

The track surface is in poor condition and is well beyond its current useful life. DSA will require code compliant ADA upgrades to portions of the stadium. Staff recommends approving these two items at a meeting in the near future while adding the remaining project scope into the update to the Long Range Facilities Plan which is currently in development.

This is an informational item. Staff plan to bring this item back for action at a future Board meeting.

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