Safety Tips for Parents

If a major earthquake or disaster occurs in Fremont during school hours, Oliveira Elementary has a Disaster Plan that will be put into effect.

Our goals for emergencies are:

  • To prepare students and staff before a disaster occurs.
  • To provide orderly accounting and release of students after a disaster.
  • To provide shelter for students until they can be released to authorized adult.

What Parents Should Do After A Disaster:

  1. DON’T PANIC Your child will be kept safe until you arrive.
  2. DO NOT PHONE THE SCHOOL Office staff is needed as emergency personnel.
  3. WALK OR RIDE A BICYCLE to school to avoid creating traffic jams.
  4. GO TO THE BLACKTOP AREA and look for the Command Center on the school field.
  5. SIGN THE RELEASE FORM: Bring a picture ID (if possible)
  6. IF SCHOOL HAS BEEN EVACUATED, look for posted note outside to see the new location.
  7. FOOD, WATER & EMERGENCY SUPPLIES are in the shipping container by room 29.
  8. DURING A LOCK-DOWN (Intruder on Campus): Listen to the news. Do not come to the school until it is announced that it’s safe.

Questions & Answers:

  1. What should parents do if a disaster happens prior to school starting? Keep children home.
  2. What should parents do if a disaster occurs while they are being dropped off? Keep your children with you. Follow protocol if you are separated from them.
  3. What should parents do if a disaster happens during school: What if they have students at different schools? Follow protocol. Discuss rendezvous plan with family and friends. Establish a plan with family/friends to each go to one school first.
  4. What should parents do if a disaster occurs while they are picking up students? Follow directions above.
  5. What should parents do if they see something or someone unusual at school? Report it to the Office or police.

How Parents Can Help Keep Our School Safe:

  1. Report to the Office and get a volunteer/visitor sticker when visiting campus. It is important to minimize unauthorized adults on our campus and playground.
  2. DRIVE CAREFULLY during drop-off and pick-up.

School Preparedness for Emergency Situations: Earthquake (FUSD LINK)