Welcome to Oliveira

Oliveira Elementary School provides a challenging learning environment that holds high expectations for all students through developmentally appropriate instruction while allowing for individual differences and learning styles.

·  Oliveira teachers encourage children to become self-directed learners, leaders, and share their enthusiasm for learning in an atmosphere of mutual respect and appreciation.

·  Oliveira Elementary School and its’ community promotes a safe, caring, and supportive environment where positive relationships nurture each student’s character and self-esteem.

·  Oliveira strives to encourage parents, teachers, and community members to actively participate in our students' education

Fun Facts about Oliveira

How to Say Oliveira:   All-iv-air-uh

School Mascot:  The Eagle

School Colors: Light Blue & White

Oliveira was Founded: 1962

Orange Tree: Was planted in honor of Manuel Oliveira who owned the land and grew orange orchards.