Oliveira’s CCSS Great Journey

Oliveira Elementary was one of eight pilot schools receiving advance training for Common Core before it is rolled out by every district in the state. 45 states have joined together to align the standards all students will need to meet to graduate High School and be entry level college ready. The shift from individual state standards to national Common Core Standards is a positive approach to aligning what all students need to learn. These standards also help ready our Oliveira students to be better prepared to compete in the global market. This shift has also meant that we will now focus on more depth and complexity rather than a wide and broad approach. Students are now being required to explain their thinking rather than just “know” the answer. They are also being asked to apply the skills they have to real world situations and problems. Curriculum mapping was done to make sure that students would be college ready. In order to do this, backwards planning was done all the way back down to the kindergarten level to make sure students would be ready.

Oliveira is working towards their Common Core Standards goal so that every student will meet the goal of being college ready.