Traffic Safety – No Main Office Loop

Traffic-Safety-2023.pdf (PDF)

trafiic pattern

For the safety of our children, please follow these simple traffic rules. Please initial and sign below after you have read and understand parking loop procedures:

  • All cars will need to enter the loop from Mowry, and must turn right onto Parkside towards Acacia St./Paseo. Cars will NOT be permitted to enter the loop by turning left off of Parkside.
  • The Main Office loop at the front of the school will no longer be utilized by anyone other than Staff.
  • Please pull all the way forward to the drop-off sign to ensure more cars can drop students off expediently.
  • Students must be able to exit and enter the vehicle without assistance. Do NOT exit your vehicle to open the door for your child.
  • Do NOT store backpacks in the trunk, this is dangerous for students and holds up the traffic flow.
  • You will NOT be allowed to wait in the loops for longer than 2 minutes. If your child is not out and ready to be picked up when you arrive, you will be asked to loop around again. Parents of 4-5th grade students cannot stay in their cars in the loop, especially during the 1-3rd grade dismissal.
  • If parked in a visitor spot, please walk your child around using the sidewalk, do NOT cross through the parking lot.
  • Be patient and courteous when using the traffic loop, no honking or yelling please.
  • Please utilize the side streets to park and walk your child onto campus if possible. Additionally, there is a back gate off Peralta and onto Parkmont’s field that can be used as well as a side gate near the 5th grade playground that can be used for students arrive to school by foot/bike.
  • If you are interested in helping the Junior Safety Patrol program as an adult supervisor (so we can get the program up and running), please ask Ms. Kloeppel or the office for more information.