Counselors at Thornton


The Thornton Middle School counseling team welcomes you to their Counseling Website. The team is here to support students with any academic, career, personal, social and emotional concerns. Our goal is to assist students by helping them grow in a safe school environment where all can learn and experience success.

Some of the services offered include individual and group counseling, conflict resolution, crisis intervention, and family support. Our counseling department works with families by processing counseling referrals, providing resources, and much more. As your counselors, we also deliver lessons and activities around important topics to bring student awareness. Social-Emotional Lessons (SEL) such as Second Step is a new addition to our school and your counseling team will be exposing students to valuable lessons from this amazing program!

Students can make an appointment with their designated counselor by dropping in if the counselor is available, through email, or by filling out a Counselor Request Form available in the office and library.  Parents/guardians, please feel free to contact your student's counselor through email or by calling the school's main phone number and dialing the counselor's extension.

Ms. Seli, Mrs. Gonzalez, Ms. Sam, and Mr. Banez look forward to an amazing school year supporting students and families.

Thornton School Counselors

Marianne Seli
Last Names : A-Gao

Mariana Gonzalez
Last Names: Gap-Lon

Tiffany Sam
Last Names: Loo-Sank

Mark Banez
Last Names: Sanl-Z