Department chair

Alvaro Medina

Walters has a wide range of elective classes.  For 7th and 8th grade we currently offer Academic Support, Arts & Crafts, Band, Computers, Painting & Drawing, Leadership, Newspaper, Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Speech and Yearbook. Students are given the chance to choose electives that have a special interest to them. Students may be placed in interventions based on academic progress and standardized test scores. The electives classes support the academic core and give students the opportunity to put theory into practical application.

Sixth grade students not in the band will participate in the wheel. The first quarter is Academic Strategies. Students will rotate through Digital Citizenship, Healthy Lifestyles, Innovations, and during the remaining three quarters.

Department Members

Academic Support

Academic support is a class where students receive extra time and support with school assignments as well as strategies for being a successful student.

A. Pasternak (510) 656-7211 ex: 28023 Teacher - Math
K. Ranaweera (510) 656-7211 ex: 28032 Teacher - English


C. Carey (925) 660-2477 Teacher - Art

Art students are exposed to a the experience of working with different mediums.  Students study drawing, color theory, the principles of art, the elements of art and arts and crafts.

Computer/Keyboarding Skills

M. Chandna (510) 656-7211 ex: 28005 Teacher - Math/Computers

Computers is a one semester elective course. Our goal is to extend student knowledge in using Microsoft Office. Students will learn to work in Word, Power Point, and Excel which are very useful in today's modern world. Students will also learn about HTML tags useful for designing the basic web page. We will do an introduction to Python Programming also .Students will practice basic skills like keyboarding, using a flash drive, Google docs, sending files using attachments, organizing their files in folders and assembling the different parts of the computer. On the first day of the course, students will take the internet safety pledge. There are no prerequisites for this course as we will start with very basic knowledge and progress into more advanced levels.


J. Kinnear (510) 656-7211 ex: 28006 Teacher - English

The Drama class gives students an opportunity to pretend and play through a variety of cross-curricular activities.  Students study plays as literature, create performance-based stories to perform, and study theater as an art form.  The class involves a variety of activities ranging from pantomimes to newscasts,  mask-making and storytelling to stage production.  The students perform in front of an audience.  It's a great place for students to develop self-confidence in a trust-filled, supportive environment.


L Alves (510) 656-7211 ex: 28502 Teacher - PE/Leadership

In leadership, students will be on an adventure of self exploration, skill development and team building.  Students also assist in planning and host many school activities.


Kristopher Cruz (510) 656-7211 ex: 28001 Teacher - Music


J. Manjabosco (510) 656-7211 ex: 28027 Teacher - ELD/Publications

Walters' newspaper class publishes a weekly newspaper, created entirely by students.  The paper is delivered to every student free of charge and includes news, sports and a peer advice column.


G. Bae (510) 656-7211 ex: 28036 Teacher - Science/Robotics

Spanish 1 and 2

A. Medina (510) 656-7211 ex: 28054 Teacher - Spanish


¿Quieres aprender español? Students can take Spanish 1, a year-round course that explores Spanish grammar and vocabulary as well as Hispanic culture in the United States and abroad.  Remember that speaking, listening, reading and writing in Spanish are course expectations. But we also make piñatas, celebrate holidays, examine works of art, and learn about Spanish speaking countries and people!



¡Ya sabes español! Students who are successful in year one may enroll in Spanish 2 the following academic year. It is another year-round course that begins with a review of content previously learned. The year progresses with further development of all aspects of the Spanish language and Spanish/Hispanic culture. When the academic criteria is met students may move on to higher levels of Spanish in high school and beyond!


J. Kinnear (510) 656-7211 ex: 28006 Teacher - English



Yearbook students take pictures and write stories throughout the year.  In March, these are sent to a publisher who prints them in a hard cover book for delivery in June.  Students are responsible for promoting sales and creating the entire book.

California Common Core State Standards ELA & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects: