GATE/Honors Information/AP Courses

GATE classes at the secondary level are designed as Honors (H).

Honors classes combine GATE students with other high achieving students in courses designated as Honors classes.

Advanced Placement (AP) classes are open to any student who is interested in the subject and is willing to work hard. Students do not have to be GATE identified to qualify for an AP course. All course prerequisites must be met. AP classes are college level classes.

Curriculum: Curriculum for all Honors/AP classes shall be appropriately differentiated from the Core curriculum. Curriculum objectives will reflect the more challenging levels of interaction with curricular material, i.e. analysis and synthesis of new ideas, as well as a focus on critical thinking and creative problem solving.

Grading Policy These guidelines shall be communicated by the GATE teachers to students and parents at the beginning of the year and discussed as necessary for clear understanding.

  1. It is a realistic expectation for all GATE identified students to succeed academically in GATE classes.
  2. A parent conference by phone, or in person, must be scheduled for any GATE identified student receiving a grade below a C at the quarter in a GATE class. The students continued presence in the class must be evaluated at that time.
  3. Underachieving GATE students are not to be dropped from the GATE classes without parent notification and, if necessary, a referral to the Student Study Team.
  4. All students in Honors classes will have parent notification of underachieving performances.

Homework Policy

  1. Homework assignments will conform to the school and district homework policies, (BP/AR 6154, revised 4/14/10).
  2. Homework will be in keeping with the Fremont Unified School District standard practice and not require excessive amounts of time; differences should be in quality not in quantity and length of assignments.
  3. Special concerns regarding high school students should be addressed at the school level to ensure that homework is not excessive.
  4. 9th- 12thgrade homework will be approximately 70-120 minutes per evening or 280-480 minutes per week.
  5. Teachers may not assign summer homework or require students to complete assignments during summer vacation in preparation for the next school years Honors/AP course(s). Reading lists may be distributed. However, it is the students option to read during the summer. No test or extra credit, based on summer reading, may be given at the start of the school year.

Secondary Program Exit Criteria

  1. GATE identified students and high-achieving students enrolled in secondary Honors or Advanced Placement course(s) must maintain appropriate grades acceptable to the University of California and the California University systems.
  2. Students whose grades consistently fall below the UC and CSU standards (D or F grade) in an Honors/AP class(es) will be notified by the teacher, and a parent conference by phone or in person, must be scheduled. These students may have until the end of the semester to improve their grade(s) for continuance in the class(es) or may be referred to the Student Study Team or sub-committee* as appropriate for one of the following recommendations:
    • Continuance in the Honors/AP class(es)
    • Transfer to a college preparatory class(es); parents must be informed of the transfer
  3. Parents and/or students may appeal the decision of the Student Study Team to the Director of Secondary Education.
  4. Students may petition to enroll in an Honors/AP class(es) the following year.

* The sub-committee may be comprised of an administrator, teacher, or counselor who understands the characteristics of gifted students.

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