Making Up Homework



When a student misses school due to an excused absence, it is important that homework for classes be made up.  Sometimes students are able to make up work while they are unable to attend school.  Here are some suggestions that can help both parents and students to keep from falling behind by getting the homework assignments as seamlessly as possible:

  • Be informed about each teachers policies for make-up assignments, in class notes, tests and other activities, which are covered in the syllabus at the beginning of the year.
  • Exchange phone numbers with a fellow student in each class that you can contact to get assignments.  Arrange for that friend to get an extra handout for you so you can get materials sooner.
  • Check the School Loop calendar for each class or email teachers through School Loop for assignments during your absence (best option) ---or---  
  • Check the teacher's website if this is an option ---or---   
  • Leave voicemail messages for teachers asking for assignments for each day of your absence (this method is least preferred)
  • If you know in advance that you will be missing class or upon your return from an absence, ask your teachers for assignments outside of class time when it is convenient for them.
  • PE:  The PE department requires students to write a brief summary of a sports/fitness news article from the internet, newspaper or magazine each day that they miss class, which students can work on when they are absent or after.  Students get the form for this assignment from their PE teacher and write their summary and attach the article.  Some PE teachers may have an alternative assignment so it is important to check with that teacher.


Generally, for every day of excused absence, including approved field trips, the student is given a day to make up the missed assignments.  Teachers may, but are not required to, provide make-up work for unexcused absences, truancies or suspensions.  Remember, all excused absences that result in missed assignments and tests are the responsibility of student.  The goal for each student at WHS is to minimize the amount of class time missed since GOOD ATTENDANCE TRANSLATES INTO GOOD GRADES.

Make it a priority to be in class as much as possible
But if you do miss class make it a priority to complete missed assignments and tests in a timely manner


WHS_Homework_Policy.pdf (PDF)