The Budget Department is responsible for the following:

Budgeting: The department develops the district's annual budget, monitors spending throughout the year, and prepares financial reports for the board of education.

Position Control: The department sets procedures that manage personnel expenditures, such as the Request for Position (RFP) and Budget Code Change process, and ensures that the district's staffing is in line with its budget by reviewing the affordability of positions and reconciling staffing allocations.

Site Support: The department supports schools and departments with budgeting properly based on the Standardized Account Code Structure (SACS), reviews budget transfers within our financial system, monitors overspending and provides financial analysis.

Attendance: The department tracks student attendance, supports schools with proper record keeping in our student information system, and reports average daily attendance (ADA) to the state to generate funding for the district.

2024- 2025 Presentations and Files

Proposed Budget Presentation 2024-25, Presented June 12, 2024 - Presentation (pdf) Video of Presentation (vimeo)
State Budget Update 2024-2025 (Revision), Presented May 22, 2024 - Presentation (pdf) Video of Presentation (vimeo)
Detailed Budget Review & Budget Development Process April 17, 2024 Presentation (pdf) Video of Presentation (vimeo)
State Budget Update, Presented January 17, 2024 - Governor's Budget Proposal Presentation (pdf) Video of Presentation (vimeo)

2023- 2024 Presentations and Files

2023-2024 First Interim Presentation, Presented December 13, 2023 - Budget Report (pdf) Presentation (pdf) Video of Presentation (vimeo)
2023-2024 Adopted Budget, Presented June 14, 2023 - Budget Report (pdf) Video of Presentation (vimeo)
2023-2024 Adopted Budget Presentation, Presented June 28, 2023 - Presentation (pdf) Video of Approval (vimeo)
2023-2024 45-Day Budget Revision and State Budget Update, Presented July 26, 2023 - Presentation (pdf)

2022- 2023 Presentations and Files

2022-2023 Second Interim Budget, Presented March 8, 2023 - Budget Report (pdf)
2022-2023 Second Interim Presentation, Presented March 8, 2023 - Presentation (pdf)
2022-2023 First Interim Budget, Presented December 14, 2022 - Budget Report (pdf)
2022-2023 First Interim Presentation, Presented December 14, 2022 - Presentation (pdf)
2022-2023 Adopted Budget, Presented June 28, 2022 - Budget Report (pdf)
2022-2023 Preliminary Budget, Presented June 28, 2022 - Presentation (pdf)


District Office, Room 210
Phone: (510) 659-2509
Fax: (510) 438-9254


James Arcala

Sharmila Balasubramanyan
Budget Manager
Ext. 12573

Daphne Huang
Account Technician
Ext. 12209

Donna Hanna
Account Technician
Ext. 12684

Poojitha Chunduri
Account Technician
Ext. 12689

Trudy Parker
Position Control
positioncontrol@fusdk12.net (RFP submissions/RFP related matters)
Ext. 12315

Amani Souki
Account Clerk 3 (District Attendance)
districtada@fusdk12.net (attendance/average daily attendance - ADA related questions)
Ext. 12208