Classified Job Descriptions

CSEA (California School Employees Association - Google folder)
Academic Mentor Program Specialist
Account Clerk 1
Account Clerk 2
Account Clerk 3
Accounting Technician 1
Accounting Technician 2
Accounts Payable Clerk
Adult Education Transition Specialist
Adult School Office Specialist
Associate Mental Health Therapist
Autism Resource Program Facilitator
Career/College Specialist
Child Nutrition Services Technician
Child Welfare and Attendance Specialist
Community Liaison Bilingual
Computer Operator/Programmer
Data Processing Operations Technician
Data Services Technician
Data Specialist
Data Support Specialist
Desktop Publishing Technician
District Web Designer
Duplication Technician
Duplication Technician Assistant
Extended Day Program Site Coordinator - Bilingual
Employment Transition Specialist
Facilities and Computer Aided Drafting & Design Technician
Family Liaison
Information Technology Support Specialist
Instructional Lab Tutor
Instructional Paraeducator
Instructional Paraeducator 2
Instructional Paraeducator - Bilingual
Interpreter Paraeducator - Sign Language
Language Assessment Technician
Lead Case Manager
Lead Information Technology Support Specialist
Library Automation Specialist
Library Media Systems Administrator
Library Media Technician
Mailroom Clerk
MIS Network Technician
Office Assistant 1
Office Assistant 2
Office Assistant 3
Parent Outreach Coordinator
Payroll Technician
Personnel Assistant 1
Personnel Assistant 2
Personnel Technician
Position Control Technician
Programmer Analyst
Purchasing Assistant
Resource Specialist Paraeducator
School Attendance Clerk
School Registrar
School Secretary
School Site Technology Support Technician
Secretary, Adult School
Senior Language Assessment Technician
Service Desk Specialist
SIP Administrative Assistant
Special Education Paraeducator 1
Special Education Paraeducator 2
Special Education Paraeducator/Sign Language
Specialized Physical Healthcare Paraeducator
Staff Secretary 1
Staff Secretary 2
Staff Secretary 3
Systems Specialist
Telecommunication System Assistant
Video Production Technician

SEIU (Service Employees International Union - Google folder)
Athletic Stadium Specialist
Bus Driver 1
Bus Driver 2
Campus Supervisor Secondary
Child Nutrition Assistant 1
Child Nutrition Assistant 2
Child Nutrition Assistant Manager
Child Nutrition Manager
Custodial Crew Leader
Custodian 1
Custodian 2
Delivery Driver/Utility Person
Delivery Driver/Warehouse Worker
Electronic Technician
Equipment Mechanic
Equipment Operator
Gardener 1
Gardener 2
Heating/Air Conditioning Mechanic
IMC Delivery Technician
Irrigation Technician
Maintenance Purchasing/Stock Clerk
Maintenance Work Scheduler
Mobile Maintenance Technician
Operations/Grounds Technician
Supply Clerk/Utility Person
Trainer, Driver/Safety
Transportation Purchasing/Stock Clerk
Van Driver
Vehicle Maintenance Coordinator
Warehouse Lead

Other Classified Job Descriptions (Google folder)
Noon Duty Supervisor

Management Positions (Fremont School Management Association - Google folder)
Administrative Assistant
Administrative Secretary
Behavior Intervention Specialist
Bond Construction Manager
Bond Director
Bond Program Manager
Budget Analyst
Community School Coordinator
Data Administrator
Director, Accounting
Director, Budget, Audit and Attendance
Director, Child Nutrition Services
Director, Facilities and Construction
Director, Information Technology
Director, Maintenance, Operations & Grounds
Director, Purchasing
Director, Transportation
District Wellness Lead
Energy Conservation Supervisor
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
Executive Director, Human Resources
Information Technology Project Manager
Information Technology (IT) Support Administrator
Manager, Risk Management
Multi-tiered Systems of Support Behavior Specialist
Occupational Therapist
Project Stabilization Agreement Specialist
Public Information Officer
Senior Project Manager - Facilities
Supervisor, Accounting
Supervisor, Child Nutrition Services
Supervisor, Custodial & Grounds
Supervisor, Maintenance
Supervisor, Night Custodial Services
Supervisor, Payroll
Supervisor, Transportation
Supervisor, Video Production
Supervisor, Warehouse
Systems Administrator