State Seal of Civic Engagement

Seal with state outline and US flag

What is the State Seal of Civic Engagement?

The seal is an emblem displayed on students’ transcripts or diplomas, awarded to those who demonstrate excellence in civic education and participation. This program was created by the CA legislature through AB-24. The award is available to 11th and 12th grade students.

Why is it important? 

Student voice is critical to improving our education system and ensuring that district decisions are equitable and supported by the student body. The State Seal of Civic Engagement creates a meaningful and attainable goal for students interested in government, increasing civic engagement, and student voice in our community. The seal is free and accessible to everyone, allowing underserved students to have a non-traditional route for civic participation. Furthermore, the inclusion of the seal on transcripts can be beneficial in college and career opportunities. Overall, this serves as an incentive for students to become more civically engaged and involved in our community.

What is the criteria to receive it?

  • Be engaged in academic work in a productive way
  • Demonstrate a competent understanding of US and California government
  • Participate in one or more civic engagement projects
  • Demonstrate civic knowledge & skills through self-reflection
  • Exhibit character traits that reflect civic-mindedness and a commitment to positively impact the classroom, school, community, and/or society

FUSD Criteria for State Seal of Civic Engagement (pdf)
FUSD Presentation (pdf)

What is a civic engagement project?

A civic engagement project is a project in which a student or group of students define problems in their own communities, investigate root causes and possible solutions, develop and implement plans to address those problems, and reflect on their actions to help them develop identities as citizens with rights and responsibilities. 

FUSD students can meet this requirement with a project that includes service hours, a reflection of the purpose of the service project, and a recommendation from a community member.

Checklist and How to Submit

Checklist to Earn Seal of Civic Engagement (Google Doc)