Dual Immersion Enrollment Process

The goal is to have a balance of English Only and English Learner students enrolled in our Immersion Program.  All enrolled Fremont Unified students are eligible to apply for the Immersion Program.  A wait list will be generated if there are more students than space available at any grade.  The Immersion application is available through Student Support Services.

In order for students to be successful in the Immersion Program, students should have a strong foundation in their home language.  Students may continue in the Immersion Program through middle school (Grades 5-8).

Enrollment for students in Transitional Kindergarten through First Grade:

Students can begin the Immersion Program in transitional kindergarten through first grade without taking an assessment.

Enrollment for students in Second through Eighth Grades:

New enrollment for any student in second grade or above who was not enrolled in the FUSD Immersion Program the previous year requires verification of language skills.  Students need to be grade-level proficient in English and the target language to be successful in the program.  The district will require a copy of English language arts grades and work samples as well as other documentation demonstrating that the student has proficiency in English and the target language.  Students are assessed in the Immersion target language.  See below for the enrollment procedure:

Step 1:  Parent completes the Immersion Application form and turns into Student Support Services.

Step 2: Student Support Services provides Program Manager with the student information.

Step 3: Federal & State Program Manager contacts the family to determine eligibility.

Step 4: English proficiency is verified through state and local assessments. If the student meets the
eligibility criteria, an assessment is scheduled.

Step 5: Students are tested at the district office and are accessed in the areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing in the target langauge.

Step 6: Federal and State Program Manager informs the parents of the results.

Step 7:  If the child is accepted into the program, Student Support Services, and the school are notified.

Step 8:  Student Support Services contacts the parents with the start date and school details.

Enrollment for students in Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grades (Middle School Level):

The Middle School Immersion Application will be provided to all 5th grade students in their incoming 6th grade enrollment packet.  Applicants who completed 5th grade Immersion will be automatically approved for the program upon submission of the Middle School Immersion Application.  Students who would like to begin the Immersion Program in middle school will follow the same steps of enrollment for Step two through Step nine as outlined above.