SELPA – Community Advisory Committee Overview

Parent Engagement and the SELPA Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

What is the CAC?

Community Advisory Committees are vital components of effective Special Education programs in California.  CACs have specific roles and responsibilities.  Across California, CACs assist in advising the SELPA Governing Board, SELPA Administrator, and Special Education Administration about the Special Education Local Plan, annual priorities, parent education and other Special Education-related activities.  Every Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) is required to establish a CAC.  A SELPA is a consortium that is formed to ensure that the full continuum of Special Education services is available to all eligible students within its boundaries.  It is comprised of an individual district, a group of districts, or districts and a county office(s) of education.  CACs provide an important connection between the community and the SELPA.

Parents comprise a majority of the CAC membership and the majority of these parents are parents of children with disabilities. Other members may include Special Education teachers, general education teachers, other school personnel, other parents, other pupils and adults with disabilities, representatives from related public and private agencies, and school administrators. CAC members are initially selected by their peers, nominated through their district, or participate in an application or voting process. Candidates are then approved by their local Board of Education. The general education population should also be represented on the committee. CAC members should represent not only parents concerned with the quality of Special Education but the entire special education community. As such, the CAC must act responsibly to ensure fair representation and thorough evaluation of the issues and interests handled in the attainment of its goals. A well-rounded CAC membership should have a sound understanding of Special Education laws, issues, programs, and services. An effective CAC then shares this information with the district, the county administration or both, as well as with the community.

The Community Advisory Committee’s responsibilities include advising the policy and administrative entity of the district, SELPA, or county office, regarding the development, amendment, and review of the Local Plan. The Local Plan describes the local policies, procedures and programs that are consistent with state laws, regulations, and policies for Special Education. The CAC acts in an advisory capacity and may recommend priorities or changes to be addressed by the plan. Other responsibilities include, but need not be limited to:

  • Encouraging community and parental involvement in the development, review, and implementation of the Local Plan
  • Supporting activities on behalf of individuals with exceptional needs
  • Assisting in parent awareness of the importance of regular school attendance
  • Providing families an opportunity to share resources and support

Who are the 2022-2023 MV SELPA CAC Executive Board Members?

  • Community Advisory Committee Chairperson: Vacant
  • Community Advisory Committee Vice Chair: Kanaka Kannan
  • Community Advisory Committee Secretary:  Sundeep Singh
  • CAC Teacher Representatives:  Jackie Nefdt, Cabrillo (

To apply to serve on the Community Advisory Committee, click on the link below

Application for CAC - English                                             Application for CAC - Spanish

Application for CAC - Chinese                                            Application for CAC - Tagalog

To view the Mission Valley SELPA Community Advisory Committee Bylaws, click on the link below

Mission Valley SELPA Community Advisory Committee Bylaws

To contact CAC directly, use the email address below.

MV SELPA Parent Handbook

MV SELPA Parent Handbook

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