Special Education Staff Contacts

First Last Name Email Phone (Ext.) Title/Role
Fran English [email protected] 12609 Director, Special Education
Bobbie Platt [email protected] 12223 Staff Secretary 3
Eydie Dalton-Sausedo [email protected] 12512 Assistant Director, Special Education
Jackie Nefdt [email protected] 12461 Program Manager
Ana MacDonald [email protected] 12328 Staff Secretary 2
Holly Midyette [email protected] 12324 Data Services Technician
Ruella Nawangsih [email protected] 12612 Account Technician
Tiffany De Anda [email protected] 12227 Office Assistant 3 (IEP/Record Requests)
Jonelle Brown [email protected] 12462 American Attendance
Marci McCourtie [email protected] 12434 Irvington Attendance
Carrie Irwin [email protected] 12447 Kennedy Attendance
Dolores Rodriguez [email protected] 12412 Mission Attendance
Raymond Santos [email protected] 12681 Washington Attendance
Courtney Caviggia [email protected] 12417 Glankler Learning Center
Raquel Narian [email protected] 12610 Intensive Instruction Programs
Yvette Helmers [email protected] 12352 ERMHS Coordinator
Gladys Chan [email protected] 12228 Behavior Intervention Specialist
Lisa Dillon [email protected] 12438 Behavior Intervention Specialist
Sherrene Fu [email protected] 12430 Behavior Intervention Specialist
Eric Plummer [email protected] 12435 Behavior Intervention Specialist
Deborah Bae [email protected] 12873 Occupational Therapist
Maria DeWitt [email protected] 12877 Occupational Therapist
Lynne Fernandez [email protected] 25010 Occupational Therapist
Sharon Jones-Harrison [email protected] 12875 Occupational Therapist
Tom Nguyen [email protected] 12872 Occupational Therapist
Lenin Castro [email protected] 12835 Adapted Physical Education Teacher
Lucas Duckwall [email protected] 12836 Adapted Physical Education Teacher
Nick Faulds [email protected] 12428 Adapted Physical Education Teacher
Lemi Hayashi [email protected] 12429 Adapted Physical Education Teacher
Jennifer Lucas [email protected] 12837 Adapted Physical Education Teacher
Emily Cheung [email protected] 657-8709 Teacher of the Visually Impaired
Tracy Prestosa [email protected] 657-5809 Teacher of the Visually Impaired
Yvonne West [email protected] 657-7194 Teacher of the Visually Impaired
Dawn Ehret [email protected] 12439 Deaf/Hard of Hearing Specialist
John Thomas [email protected] 12437 Deaf/Hard of Hearing Specialist
Jem Holt [email protected] 12411 Inclusion Specialist
TBD 12682 Inclusion Specialist
TBD 12320 Inclusion Specialist
Parul Parikh [email protected] 12422 Physical Therapist
Neha Chauhan [email protected] 12845 Physical Therapist
Allison Warner [email protected] 12426 SELPA Infant Service Coordinator