Parking Lot Safety Rules


Ardenwood has a valet drop-off and pick-up of students in our parking lot on Emilia Lane by the science lab and Adventure Time. This is a safe drop-off and pick-up place for children who travel to and from school by car.

Procedures For Dropping Off Your Child Before School

Step 1. Enter the campus neighborhood from Deep Creek onto Emilia Lane.

Step 2. Get in the line at the curbside lane. You will see cones and a parent volunteer directing you into the valet lane.

Step 3. Follow the line of cars into the parking lot. A parent volunteer will direct you into the parking lot.

There will be NO U-TURNING into this lane or taking a left turn from the street directly into the parking lot. You will see a parent volunteer stopping traffic from turning left into the lot.

Step 4. Stop at one of the five (5) designated drop-off spots. There will be a cone to indicate each spot. A parent volunteer will direct you. Be sure to STAY IN THE VALET LINE of cars. Have your child ready to exit the car with their lunch and backpack. DO NOT HAVE BACKPACK IN THE TRUNK. A valet will assist your child. Parents should remain in their car.

Step 5. Follow the line of cars out of the parking lot at the direction of the parent volunteer.

Procedures For Picking Up Students After School

Step 1 through Step 3 same as above.

Step 4. Stop at one of the five (5) designated spots as directed by the parent volunteer. If your child is not ready to get into your car, exit the parking lot, go around the block and re-enter the valet line.

Step 5. Follow the line of cars out of the parking lot.


Campus supervision begins at 8:10 a.m. Do not drop off your child before this time.

Students are to go home immediately after school is dismissed.

The front parking lot is for buses and staff parking only.

With all parents following these procedures we will have a safe place for dropping-off and picking-up students. As parents and children get use to this routine, dropping off and picking-up will go very quickly. Providing for the safety of our students is everyone's responsibility.