Parking and Pick Up/Drop Off

Due to the large number of students we have attending Leitch this year, parking and student pick up and drop off is a challenge.  It is important that everyone follow the rules and procedures established to help ensure that things run as smoothly and safely as possible.

Parking: The parking lots in front of the school are for school staff only.   For parents wishing to park their cars, you can park on the street (but not in front of the school).  Please be courteous of the people who live in this area by not blocking their driveways and not using the parking lots attached to the housing complexes.  You can also park in the dirt lot on the corner of Fernald Street and Warren Avenue.

Valet Drop Off/Pick Up: If you are going to drop your child off or pick them up, please use the valet area.  Turn into the driveway before the school (coming from Warren) and follow it towards the portable classrooms.  Follow the turn to the left and there will be teachers and volunteers to help get your child in or out of your car.  Do not let your children enter or exit the car until you get to the area in front of the portable classrooms.  As you leave, please turn right on Warren.

Finally, please make sure to follow all traffic laws (i.e. no double parking, not making u-turns in the middle of a road, and be careful of pedestrians crossing the street).

We need to make sure that we do everything we can to ensure that our students are as safe as possible.

Parking and Drop Off Pick Up Information