Site Council

Purpose of SSC

The purpose of SSC is to oversee the school programs that include the curriculum and best instructional practices. This group made up of the principal, parents, teachers, and other school personnel to ensure that the needs of every student are met.  The SSC monitors the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) Plan.

Single Plan for Pupil Achievement (SPSA)

This plan is developed to make sure there are ongoing improvement of our school. The plan is written specifically for Mission Valley on an annual basis to reflect the needs of all our current students. It is available on the district website. Click the SPSA link to read the current school year's document.

2022-23 SSC Members

Jacyln McClintock - FSMA

Jennifer Fereira - CSEA

Lisa Denton - FUDTA

Vanessa Hilton - FUDTA

Jason Horning - FUDTA


Manase Ghate - Community

Bhavik Joshi - Community

Christine Nagata - Community

Charitha Pyda - Community

Patanjali Varanasi - Community

Meeting schedule

2022-23: 10/18/22, 11/29/22, 1/24/23, 3/21/23, 4/25/23

Meetings held via Zoom from 3:15-4:15pm