For Students – STEM Success

Our Mission: 

We pair students and tutors together for a semester or more, to focus on concept development and understanding (and not just homework help). We offer tutoring in any math and science course from college prep to AP level.
Our Tutors:

Our tutors are all trained and experienced students who have completed the courses in which they are providing guidance. They are active in the STEM community at MSJ, and are taking advanced courses to broaden their knowledge of STEM fields.

We work in MSJ classrooms, under teacher supervision, afterschool (1 hour) Monday to Thursday and during Advisory.

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How it works:

  1. Click here to signup online
  2. Once you sign up, a qualified tutor will contact you within a few weeks. If you are placed on a waitlist, you will be notified when a spot opens up.
  3. You and your tutor will schedule a consistent time slot during lunch or after school in one of our classrooms, in which you will meet at least twice a month.
  4. You’ll work with your tutor for a semester or more in any of the subjects you requested!

Commitment agreement:

While we would like to be able to serve everyone who signs up, student spots are limited, as we typically only have 40-50 tutors on staff per semester. Spots typically fill up quickly within the first few weeks of school.

  1. Any student who signs up must commit to meet with a tutor at least twice a month, or else risk forfeiting their spot if there are students on the waitlist.
  2. If students commit to working with a tutor, they must show up to any scheduled meetings, or inform the tutor if they have conflicts. Students who have a repeated pattern of no-shows will also risk forfeiting their spot.