TAC History and Tenets

The Technology Advisory Committee (TAC) started out as the Technology Task Force in 2004. In February 2006 [1]  the TAC became a designated committee of the Fremont Unified School District Board of Trustees. The charge of the Committee was to develop a comprehensive technology assessment of district and site capabilities with a report submitted to the board of education at the end of the calendar year.

On January 31, 2007 [2] a report was presented to the Board of Trustees outlining issues and identifying priority areas of concern. The Board requested two items from the TAC: 1) a cost analysis, and 2) recommendations on how to move forward.

On June 27, 2007 [3] a follow up report was presented to the Board of Trustees completing the charge as it was then constituted.

The TAC worked the following year on deciding a new focus that could be beneficial for the Board of Trustees and recognized a need for formalization of the committee. A set of by-laws were created and on February 13, 2008 [4] the TACs by-laws were approved.

According to the by-laws: The purpose of this Committee is to advise and make recommendations to the Board, Superintendent, and the District management staff as appropriate.

In order to achieve this purpose, the Technology Advisory Committee shall:

·  Act as advisors on the state of technology within the District;

·  Perform research and report on action items specifically assigned to the Committee by the  Board;

· Review, develop and submit technology recommendations including current use of technology within the District and future technology needs of the District;

· Committee reports and recommendations to the Board will be included as agenda items for the Boards consideration;

· Ensure each recommendation be as specific and concrete as possible. Where possible, recommendations should be accompanied with a cost-benefit analysis, possible alternatives and potential funding sources;

· Communicate recommendations and efforts to the public; and/or

· Serve as a working committee or appoint sub-committees as necessary to study needed technology-related programs and services of the District, and serve as an active participant regarding the District technology plan.

The TAC has been operating under this model ever since. The TAC establishes subcommittees that conduct research and provide input to the Committee as a whole on a variety of topics such as curriculum and communications.

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