English Language Development

The ELD program is designed to help students who score an ELP (English Language Proficient) level 3 or below on their CELDT (California English Language Development Test). By law, the CELDT is given to all students for whom English is not their first or primary language.  Students are tested when they first enter any California public school. They are then tested every year until they are English proficient. Students are scored as follows:

ELP 1 beginning
ELP 2 early intermediate
ELP 3  intermediate
ELP 4 early advanced
ELP 5  advanced

During ELD, students work in small groups focusing on speaking, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing skills in our ELD lab with our ELD teacher. We use the district mandated Treasures program and other materials that meet the CA State standards for ELD instruction.  Students receive individualized instruction and are free to participate in class at their own comfort level.

Level 1 students have five 45 minute long classes a week.  Level 2 students have ELD classes three times a week, and level 3 students have ELD two times per week..  Many of the level 3 students are fluent English speakers.  For those students,  ELD focuses on their reading comprehension, academic vocabulary, and writing skills.

All ELD students receive extra help as needed in their classrooms.  All of our teachers have been certified to teach English learners.

The answer given for Who administers the CELDT is different from Fremont's. In the Fremont Unified District, the CELDT is given at each site by trained staff during regular school hours.


Look at the frequently asked questions section and then look at the released test questions section.  I recommend looking at pages 4, 8, 26, and 39 of this section

The English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC)

If you or your child is bilingual or learning English as a second language, please consider attending Warm Spring’s ELAC (English Learner Advisory Committee) meetings.

ELAC meetings are our parent outreach meetings and provide parents with important information about our ELD program. During the meeting parents can also give their input on how our school funds the ELD program and how we can better serve ELL student.