Parent / Drivers / Student Guidelines

Making a safe and smooth morning for your children
Parents / Drivers


·      Arrive at school as early as allowed by the school.  ALL grades start at 8:25 AM.  Students are allowed on playground at 8:10 AM.  School normally ends at 2:40 PM.  Drop-off and pick-up is only allowed in the lower parking lot.

·      When entering the parking lot, be courteous and take turns with oncoming traffic.

·      Drive vehicle as forward as possible.  The BLUE handicap curb is the front limit.  If there are cars behind you, do not simply stop where the volunteers or in front of playground entrance.

·      Do not drop off student in red zone.  Dropping off here is usually slower than waiting to move forward.

·      Tell students to prepare to leave as you get into the parking lot.

·      Unlock the doors as soon as you can.

·      Keep backpacks with students or in front passenger seat area.

·      Do not put backpacks in trunk/rear area if you can help it.

·      Do not wait for Safety Patrol to open the door.  Students should leave as soon as the car is stopped safely in the drop off zone.

·      Open automatic van doors as soon as you are safely stopped in drop-off zone.

·      Students should leave the car on the passenger side.  The driver side can be dangerous.  Consider keeping baby seats on the driver side so students are not blocked.

·      Parents should stay in the car.  Parents getting out slows down the drop off process.  If your child needs help, see if a volunteer can help before considering getting out.

·      If the bell has rung and the other students have left for their classrooms, your student must report to the front office to obtain a pass.

·      NO dogs or cats or loose pets in cars.  Safety patrol volunteers can be startled/injured or pets can stray or be injured from closing doors.

·      Wait for the car in front to leave before moving forward.

·      NO passing stopped cars in front.  BE PATIENT.  Accidents have happened.

·      Do NOT watch/talk to your child as you leave.  Watch your surroundings when leaving the drop-off zone promptly.  Accidents have happened.

·      When leaving the parking lot, if there is a backup on your desired exit lane, be courteous and use the other turning lane to prevent backups.  You can easily find your way back to where you wanted to go.

·      Rain days:  Students gather in the Multi-Use Room (MUR) in the morning next to the upper parking lot.  Parking spaces next to the MUR will be coned off to allow drop-off in the upper parking lot.  Turn RIGHT when exiting the upper parking lot to prevent backups in the lot.  BE PATIENT.


Student Passengers


·      Before arriving at school, have your backpack closed and ready to go.

·      Unbuckle yourself as soon as the car stops.

·      Leave the car on the right side (curb-side) of the car.  It is not safe to leave on the driver side as cars might not see you.

·      Unlock the door and open the door as soon as you can.  Do not wait for safety patrol to open your door.

·      If your backpack is heavy, leave the car first, and then pull the backpack out.  Struggling with the backpack at the same time you get out is much slower.

·      Ask a volunteer for help if you need it.

·      After you leave the car, walk past the yellow line away from the car before going to the playground.

·      Walk to the playground. NO RUNNING.

·      If the classes have left the playground when you arrive, you are tardy.  Report to the front office to get a pass before going to your classroom.

·      Rain Days:  NO RUNNING.  The ground is slippery.  Walk to the MUR.  Exit the car on the passenger side.  Other drivers may not see you on the driver side.