Student Volunteer Guidelines

·      Rain Days:  No Student Volunteers on Rain Days.

·     Report for Morning Safety Patrol by 8:10 AM.

·     Report for Afternoon Safety Patrol at 2:35 PM (your teacher should let you leave class early).

·     When it is your turn to be on Safety Patrol, your teacher willremind you on the Friday before.

·     Remind your parents when you have morning Safety Patrol so they can help you get to school early.  When you have afternoon duty, remind your parents that you will be a little late.

·     There is NO Safety Patrol duty if no Safety Parent/Adult showsup.  If no parent/adult shows up forduty, tell someone in the Principal's office and stay in the playground.

·     When you are on Safety Patrol, go to the Nurses office and get an orange or yellow safety vest to wear.

·     Listen to the Safety Parents.

·     Pay attention to the cars and the Safety Parents.

·     NO socializing with your friends.

·     Stand away from the curb when the cars are moving.

·     After the cars have stopped, move forward to open the doors where the students are sitting.  If the door is locked, knock on the door to have the driver unlock it.

·     If the student in the car opens the door himself, move back and help the next car if it needs it.

·     If the car is a van with automatic doors, step back away and see if another car next to you needs help.

·     Do NOT take their backpacks out, they may be heavy.  Ask a Safety Parent to help if the student needs help.

·     After the students gets out of the car, help close the car door CAREFULLY.

·     Go help another car next to you if they need it.

·     When the cars start to leave, move back away from the curb until the cars stop again.

·     When the bell rings, finish helping the car in front of you. then remove your Safety Vest, return it to the Safety Parent, and then walk to yourclass line.