Payroll plans, coordinates, and reviews the processing of District payrolls, to assure employees are paid accurately, timely and within established guidelines. Payroll prepares related payroll records and reports to comply with applicable laws, regulations and policies.

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End of Month Pay Dates for 2023-2024

July Arrears 7/27/2023
July End of Month 7/31/2023

August Arrears 8/30/2023
August End of Month 8/31/2023

September End of Month 9/29/2023

October End of Month 10/31/2023

November End of Month 11/30/2023

December End of Month 12/22/2023

January End of Month 1/31/2024

February End of Month 2/29/2024

March End of Month 3/28/2024

April End of Month 4/30/2024

May End of Month 5/31/2024

June End of Month 6/28/2024


District Office, Room 240
Phone: (510) 659-2535
Fax: (510) 659-2505

Leann West
Payroll Supervisor
Ext. 12269

Carole Cheshier
Payroll Tech (Classified A-D, V, Board & PC)
Ext. 12266

Susan Weizer
Payroll Tech  (Classified E-K and W-Z)
Ext. 12620

Deanna Silva
Payroll Tech (Classified L-P)
Ext. 12634

Shirley Leung
Payroll Tech (Classified Q-U)
Ext. 12640

Lora Ravenscroft
Payroll Tech  (Certificated A-G)
Ext. 12268

Linda Letsinger
Payroll Tech (Certificated H-O)
Ext. 12270

Jenny Gau
Payroll Tech (Certificated P-Z)
Ext. 12267