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9/20/18: State-Mandated Testing Shows Excellent Water Quality at FUSD Schools

On October 13th, 2017, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law AB 746 requiring community water systems that serve certain school sites to conduct lead testing in potable water systems before July 1st, 2019. In response to this legislation, the Fremont Unified School District (FUSD) has worked with the Alameda County Water District (ACWD) to conduct testing on all FUSD campuses.

“As a school district, we cannot achieve our mission of educating students without providing a healthy environment for learning,” said FUSD Superintendent, Dr. Kim Wallace. “I thank our Maintenance, Grounds & Operations staff, as well as the Alameda County Water District for their quick response in testing our campuses and ensuring we are in compliance with state legislation.”

The California Water Boards have made information available to the public regarding lead testing in schools. Click here to read more (waterboards.ca.gov) | Click here for a summary of all results (pdf)

Letter to Weibel Families | Weibel Results #1 and #2


10 SchoolS Tested - Click Link Above for all results

Lead-Testing-letter.pdf (PDF)

17B1495-FUSD-Leitch.pdf (PDF

)17B1648-FUSD-Niles.pdf (PDF)

17B1497-FUSD-Warm-Springs.pdf (PDF)

17B1762-FUSD-American.pdf (PDF)

17B1980-FUSD-Forest-Park.pdf (PDF)

17K0731-FUSD-Azevada.pdf (PDF)

17B1758-FUSD-Centerville.pdf (PDF)

17B1978-FUSD-Ardenwood.pdf (PDF)1

7B1645-FUSD-Vallejo-Mill.pdf (PDF)

17K0734-Irvington.pdf (PDF