Transportation – Extended School Year/Summer School Information

Special Education Students

In order for special education students to ride the school bus for Extended School Year (ESY):

  • The Special Education Department must determine that the student is eligible for transportation in his/her IEP
  • An application to enroll in ESY must be submitted by the parent/guardian
  • An application for transportation services must be submitted by the parent/guardian

** Please note that the ESY application and the transportation application are SEPARATE forms.**


The FUSD Transportation Department or a contracted company will contact parents with pick-up and drop-off information before the beginning of the summer session.


General Education Students

Applications for summer school are distributed to eligible students before the end of the regular school year.  In order to ride the school bus for summer school/extended school year, ALL of the following requirements must be met:

  • Parents/guardians must submit an application for summer school/extended school year that indicates they would like to utilize transportation services.
  • Students must meet eligibility guidelines established in Board Policy 3541.1
  • Students must be enrolled in a program for which transportation service is offered.

The Federal and State Programs Department will provide the Transportation Department with a list of students who have requested transportation services for the summer session.  From this list, the Transportation Department will create bus passes for each qualified student.  Bus passes will either be mailed home or given to bus drivers for distribution.  Parents/guardians will be notified about pick-up and drop-off information before school starts either via mail or phone call.

If transportation is requested but the student is not qualified for transportation based in the criteria above, the parent/guardian will be notified.

Additional information:

  • Fees – Transportation is free for the summer session.
  • Photos – The Transportation Department will use school year photos from the previous year for the bus passes.  If a photo is not available, a generic place-holder photo will be used.  There is no need to visit the Transportation Department to take a photo for the summer session.