Core Literature Adoption Progress

3/9/22 Update

Core Literature adoption - On March 9, the Board of Education approved these books as our new required reading list for grades 7-12, effective for the 2022-2023 school year. Books were chosen based on their alignment to our core literature vision.


Fremont's local library is a source for these titles. Additionally one copy of each book is available for viewing in the C&I Department at the District Office. We can’t check the books out to anyone, but visitors are welcome to make an appointment to come review books in person. Please contact Gabby Silva at 510-657-2350 to schedule an appointment.

Background on Literature Adoption

Over the past few years, we heard input from students, alumni, and teachers that our current core (required) literature did not reflect the diversity of our student population. There was a request to diversify the books we were requiring our students to read. In response, we formed a Core Literature Adoption Team, made up of English teachers from all of our secondary schools. Last year, the team met to agree on our vision for core literature (see below). 

This fall, we invited English teachers in grades 7-12 and students on SurfBoard E to nominate literature for consideration for the revised core collection. We received nominations for 76 books. The adoption team reviewed each nomination form and selected five books per grade level to be read. We will meet in January to identify which books will be brought to the Board for approval as the new core literature collection.


Core Literature Adoption Vision Statement

The study of literature allows students opportunities to explore a variety of genres, writing styles, time periods, cultures, and relevant themes from the perspective of diverse authors and characters, including historically underrepresented groups. Enduring, relatable, and engaging literature gives all students access to a range of human experiences, both their own and those of others, and fosters empathy, lifelong critical thinking, and ever-deepening levels of understanding.