Preschool Homework

Reading to your child is the homework for each child attending Glankler Preschool. We expect that parents read to their child for 10 to 20 minutes every night. Your child will benefit by developing language skills, even if your child is not yet talking. Shared reading also builds your child's attention span and motivation to learn and most importantly, it is a wonderful parent-child time. Reading to your child can happen in a variety of ways. You and your child can just look and talk about each picture, you may want to turn the pages and not read the story or you may want to paraphrase the story for your child. You know your child and what method best fits your child's developmental needs. Reading to your child is important, by making a daily habit of it your child will benefit.

Glankler homework:  reading to your child 10 - 20 minutes per night.  Complete the reading log monthly. 

Thank you.