Parent Resources

  • Friends of Children with Special Needs (FCSN) East Bay ProgramsFCSN provides information and assistance to children with special needs, adults with special needs, and their communities.  We provide opportunities for individuals with special needs to give back to their community through volunteer work and jobs.FCSN believes in the power of families helping families and promotes peer support through our many programs and events.  We emphasize family involvement and the integration of special-needs children and adults with their regular peers.

    FCSN is committed to opening the discussion about people with special needs by listening to and learning from them and their families. We train our youth volunteers to understand those with disabilities and develop their leadership skills. We thank our many student volunteers and adult volunteers for their continuous support and assistance.
    2007 Friends of Children (pdf)

  • Parents Helping Parents (PHP)Parents Helping Parents (PHP) helps families around the Bay Area who have children of any age with special needs. It is an excellent resource for finding service providers, parent trainings, as well as online support groups or monthly/weekly parent meetups, for a variety of disabilities and parent
  • The Hanen CentreThe Hanen Centre is a not-for-profit organization that develop parent and caregiver training programs in order to provide early language intervention for children with language delays, ages 0-5 years of age. The organization creates and distributes resources such as guidebooks and DVDs for parents, caregivers and professionals, as well as online resources for parents. They offer support in the area of language delay, Autism, Aspergers, and language and literacy
  • Regional Center of the East Bay (RCEB)The Regional Center of East Bay (RCEB) offers a current list of support groups for families of children and adults with developmental disabilities. It is intended to help families make connections, find supports, and share resources. If you would like assistance finding a support group that meets your particular needs, you may consult your case manager or contact either the Family Resource Network or CARE Parent
  • Fremont Family Resource Center (FRC)The Fremont Family Resource Center (FRC) co-locates 24 State, County, City, and non-profit agencies under one roof to provide social services to families and children. So whether you're looking for child care referrals and other family support services, you can find them all, plus many other services, at the