Speech Newsletters and Parent Handouts

Here you will find monthly newsletters. The newsletter includes books, music, YouTube videos and home therapy ideas that coordinate with the monthly themes. The monthly theme for September is back to school and colors. The monthly theme for October is Fall, Leaves, Farm, and Halloween. The monthly theme for November  is Thanksgiving, our homes, and family. The monthly theme for December is winter celebrations, holidays, family and home. The monthly theme for January is Winter, winter clothing and grooming. The monthly theme for February  is community helpers and Valentine's Day. The monthly theme for March  is transportation. The monthly theme for April  is spring, growing and forest animals. The monthly theme for May is wild animals and bugs. The monthly theme for June  is water play and bubbles.

Social Skills

Whole Body Listening/ Listening Larry has been a concept that has helped many children understand what it means to "listen" and "pay attention." Many of us know that listening is more than just using our ears, it also involves us using our brains to listen to the speaker, turning our body towards them, and coordinating a number of actions/thoughts to fully listen and pay attention.