Parking at Patterson


Please remember that the handicapped parking spaces are for the use of students or visitors with disabilities. You may not use these spaces for parking, unloading or picking up your child, unless you meet this requirement.

Parking space is limited in the parking lots and spaces are usually filled by staff vehicles. Please park on the street if you need to leave your car; do not block our neighbors driveways.

Patterson has a student drop-off and pick-up loop areas in the front and back of the school. Please click here for the front loop drop off procedure. Parents can drop off their students safely and quickly, and then continue driving south on Cabrillo Drive (no left turns upon exiting during drop-off and pick-up times).

Students should be dropped off in either of the loops, staffed by the Patterson Safety Patrol, or from a street-parked car onto the sidewalk to reach school grounds. For safety and efficiency reasons, please do not release your student on the street from a stationary vehicle with its engine running.

Remember that the area directly in front of the school, and 100 feet in all street directions is a School Zone. This makes U-turns illegal in this area; also, traffic violations in this area can have their fines doubled. Please watch for the safety of your student and others by driving safely!

Buses will be parking in the drive-up area in the front of the Multi-Purpose Room, in the morning and afternoon. Please do not enter this area.

The back of the school has a small drop off loop. Students use this as an access point walking to and from school and it can be hard to see them if you are reversing or turning your vehicle. Please use caution when dropping-off and picking-up your student.