Shelter in Place & Lockdown

Lock Down Guidelines

For your safety and the safety of students, teachers, and staff, we ask that you follow these guidelines in the event of a lock down at a school site.

  • Lock downs are initiated to keep students safe and to create a barrier to campus entry. Your student is safely locked in their classroom with their teacher and classmates. No one will be allowed to enter or leave the campus until the lock down is lifted.
  • Stay away from the school campus if locked down. This will only create traffic and congestion around the campus which will endanger all involved and inhibit the school and police from doing their jobs.
  • Do NOT call the school, a teacher, your child, or the Fremont PD during a lock down. All phone lines must be kept open for vital communications.
  • Check the Emergency Information link on every school website, which will direct you to this page. Real-time information will be posted and will remain on this page for a week following an event.
  • If you have questions about lock down procedures at your school site, you can contact the school administration.

Shelter in Place vs. Lockdown

shelter and lockIn the event of police activity in the area or on a school site, an administrator may call for a “Shelter in Place” or a “Lockdown”. Please refer to the chart below to determine the expected level of response by staff and students.


Shelter in Place



  • Precautionary
  • Police Activity in the general area
  • No immediate danger to students/staff on campus
  • Need to clear the grounds & get students/staff indoors
  • Immediate threat to campus
  • Significant police activity in the vicinity 
  • Potentially dangerous suspect(s) are on the loose on or near school grounds  
  • Students/staff need to protect themselves

School Responsibility

  • Communicate Shelter in Place to students/staff
  • Get everyone inside a building
  • Lock all doors
  • Account for student/staff presence
  • Learning and typical school activities can resume once all students/staff are indoors
  • All activities must remain indoors until all clear is given
  • Be alert, if you see something suspicious, report it
  • Communicate Lockdown to staff/students as quickly as possible
  • Get all students/staff inside as quickly as possible
  • Once inside, initiate Lockdown procedures
  • Lock doors, turn off lights, close blinds, students get on the ground
  • Remain calm, be vigilant, report anything suspicious


Fremont PD Responsibility

  • FPD will likely respond to perimeter of campus area to create a safety buffer zone between police activity and school site
  • Monitor situation and assess for change in status
  • FPD and/or Student Support Services will communicate status with school administration
  • FPD will respond to school site, address the threat, and coordinate with school administrators on next steps
  • Student Support Services will respond to school site in most cases and coordinate/communicate with school administration and FPD