Strengthening Fremont Schools: A Community Conversation

Join the Conversation

Fremont Unified School District is working hard to make sure we can maintain the core educational services upon which our students rely, and which keep our community a desirable place to live, work and raise a family.

But our job is getting harder. As you may know, Fremont Unified School District is among the lowest funded in Alameda County.

The impacts of years of underfunding has created an increased challenge to providing the same quality of education that other students in nearby communities already have, including  adequate, safe classroom space for all students, updated 21st century education facilities, and student programs including science, technology, engineering, art and math programs.

In addition, the local voter-approved funding used to maintain core academic programs, retain highly qualified classroom teachers - including science teachers, keep libraries open, and relieve overcrowding in classrooms, among other items, will be ending soon.

FUSD has recently begun outreach to determine our community’s priorities given these realities.

Feedback on education priorities we have received from the community so far include:

  • Attracting and retaining highly qualified teachers, including quality science teachers
  • Enhancing science, technology, engineering, art and math, also known as STEAM, opportunities for students
  • Keeping schools safe and well maintained
  • Maintaining current quality math, science, reading and writing programs
  • Providing career and technical training to prepare students for the 21st century job market
  • Preserving elective and college prep classes

Now we want to hear from you! Please Join the Conversation and let us which services we should prioritize by completing a community survey today.

If you are a part of a civic organization, and would like a Fremont Unified School District representative to attend your next meeting to present more information, talk about the District’s financial needs and provide your input on which services to prioritize, please contact [email protected].