Student Password Change Quick Start – RapidIdentity


Login page

Your RapidIdentity password must be changed to login into your account. Follow these steps to access your portal.

Login to RapidIdentity with your username (e.g. johsmi123) and predefined temporary password then select "Go."

NOTE: The predefined temporary password is in the following format:
3 letters of birth month, 4 digits of birth year, lowercase first letter of your first name, upper case letter of your last name, last 4 digits of the student/staff ID: (e.g. Jan2008jS2345).

AlertSelect "change your password"

After trying the password above, you will get an error message that your password is expired. Select "CLICK HERE to change your password."

PolicyCreate a password

Follow the password policy requirements to create a new password. Type the new password twice and select "Next" to continue.

DoneYou’re done!

A window will confirm your new password was accepted. Select "Close" and return to the login page here.