Self-Service Password Reset – ClassLink

ClassLink Platform

ClassLink logoFremont Unified School District  introduced a new Self-Service Password Reset Tool through the ClassLink platform as part of ongoing efforts to enhance the security and independence of the digital teaching and learning experience. ClassLink is designed to allow students and staff to manage their own account passwords securely and efficiently.

Three Steps to Complete the ClassLink Process (pdf)
Notice: Due by May 31, 2024

Spring 2024: ClassLink Deployment

The FUSD Technology Department rolled ClassLink out to every student in April and May. All parents/guardians received account claim and password reset instructions to ensure their student continues to have access to school devices and curriculum, while increasing the security of the student's user account.

ClassLink Instructions

Students (with parent/guardian support as needed) will follow a two-step process to claim their FUSD user account and set up their user account password recovery/reset. ​Once Step 1 AND Step 2 are complete, the student’s account will have increased security measures in place.

Step 1: ClassLink Account Claim

Use the Fremont USD ClassLink platform to claim the student’s user account. Parents/Guardians will receive an Account Claim ID to complete this process.

Click here to view step-by-step account claim instructions (pdf)

Step 2: ClassLink Launchpad for Password Recovery

Use the Fremont USD Classlink Launchpad platform to set up the student’s user account password recovery/reset. This process is used to assist the student in resetting their account password in the future. Parents/Guardians will receive information to complete this process.

Click here to view step-by-step password recovery instructions (Challenge Questions pdf)

Future Password Resets

Use the ClassLink Launchpad platform to reset a password when: 1) the password expires (at least annually), or 2) you forget the password.


Please contact the Technology Department for support at [email protected] - or - phone (510) 659-2502.

Choosing a Strong Password

When choosing a password, we recommend finding a balance between complexity and memorability. A strong password should be complex enough to secure the account but simple enough for the user to remember without difficulty.

Password Creation Tips

  • A strong password typically includes a mix of letters (both uppercase and lowercase), numbers, and symbols, and is at least 8 characters long.
  • Think of a phrase or a sentence that you can remember. Maybe something like "I love 2 eat ice cream!"
  • If you or your student need assistance with creating a good password, you can use Dinopass (, a handy online tool to create a complex password for your student.

Keep passwords confidential. Do not share passwords with others, and log out of shared devices after use.