Homework Policy

Homework is an integral part of our educational program at Vallejo Mill School as well as District policy.  Out of-class assignments are provided to extend and reinforce the learning that takes place in the classroom, enhance study skills, and help students develop independent work habits.

  1. Homework is any of the following:
    • an extension of daily assignments not completed in class
    • studying for upcoming quizzes/tests
    • special assignments given
    • long-term assignments, such as reports
    • independent practice with portions of materials already covered in class
    • make-up homework - students with excused absences are allotted the same number of days of the absence to complete the work
  2. No homework will be given without instruction or direction by the teacher
  3. In assigning homework, teachers will keep in mind the following:
    • Homework will not be given as punishment
    • Homework should be well within the ability of the child to do independently
    • Generally homework will be assigned nightly, Monday through Thursday
    • Homework will not be given over weekends, during breaks or vacations as a regular practice.
    • Homework will be reviewed and/or corrected, and feedback will be given to students in a timely manner.
    • Weekly "Friday Folders" will contain returned homework as well as other pertinent school information.
  4. Special Needs Students will receive homework with the following in mind:
    • GATE students will have the same amount of homework.  The type of homework may vary from that given to other students.
    • RSP students can receive assistance from the RSP teacher in completing their homework, as necessary and appropriate.
    • EL students should receive modified classroom homework, as necessary and appropriate.
  5. Failure to turn in homework is reflected under "study skills" on the report card and may be partially factored into core subject grades.
Minimum Homework Assignment Times (Board Policy 6154, revised April14, 2010)

The following is the amount of time necessary to provide for adequate home study and reinforcement for the average student at each grade level. These minutes include required, independent reading time and studying for tests.

Grade Minutes per Evening Minutes per Week
Kindergarten 10 - 15 or
40 - 60
First/Second 10 - 30 or
40 - 120
Third/Fourth 30 - 45 or
120 - 180
Fifth/Sixth 45 - 60 or
180 - 240


If homework consistently takes much longer, contact your child's teacher.

The Board supports the development of lifelong readers. In accordance with State content standards,the following are recommended guidelines in addition to regular school reading:

  • By grade 4, read one-half million words annually
  • By grade 8, read one million words annually
  • By grade 12, read two million words annually

The Vallejo Mill Homework Policy will be re-evaluated annually and communicated to parents in our newsletter and website.