Student Dress Standards

We believe that attention to appearance and a student's attitude towards himself and his/her school is related.  Good taste, good grooming, and appropriateness of attire are a part of learning.  Vallejo Mill School feels that any haircut, make up, hat or clothing that draws undue attention to the wearer or causes disruption in the educational process is inappropriate.  Sound judgment and reasonableness must prevail in interpreting the Dress Standard.  The purpose of the Dress Standard is to have a safe school environment, to foster students' pride in themselves, and to instill the attitudes, values, and standards reflected by the society in which the students will take their place.

Please review the following dress code with your child.

  • Shoes must be worn.  Flip-flops, wheelie shoes, jellies, or shoes without the heel strap are inappropriate for school.  No sandals, or shoes without a heal strap may be worn at school.
  • Pupils must wear shirts/blouses. Tank tops or off the shoulder or short blouses/shirts, which show the torso, stomach, or midriff, are not allowed.  Pupils may not wear short shorts or mini-skirts that are mid-thigh.  Shorts and skirts must reach the bottom of the fingertips.  Undergarments are not to be visible. The torso and buttocks must be covered completely.
  • Students may not wear, possess, use, distribute, or display any clothing, jewelry, emblem, badge, symbol, colored bandanna, or sash, which represents or evidences membership or affiliation with any gang.
  • Clothing which has been deemed by local law enforcement or other experts to be gang-related is prohibited, such as hair nets, bandannas, or shower caps; gang associated red or blue belts and jackets; gang clothing which is over-sized saggy or baggy clothing, including T-shirts with creased sleeves, or creased down the front, and split pant cuffs.
  • Students may not wear hats in class and indoors but may wear articles of sun protective clothing, including hats, for outdoor use only. (BP 5132)