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FUSD Annual Open Enrollment for Health Benefits - Find Your Current Benefits


Q: When is Open Enrollment this year and how do I participate?

A:  Open Enrollment is 09/01/2023 through 09/30/2023 for the dental and vision plans; effective 10/1/2023, and 09/18/23 through 10/13/2023 for the CalPERS health plans; effective 01/01/2024. During open enrollment, you may enroll in, change, or delete health/*dental/vision plans, remove a spouse or dependent, or add eligible family members who are not currently enrolled.

You will receive an email from InformedK12 with a link to the forms. The forms can be filled out, signed, and submitted online. A marriage certificate or dependents birth certificate(s) will be required to be uploaded, if applicable.

*(It is mandatory for FUDTA and CSEA to have the minimum of the PPO 70/30 plan if you have a 1.0 FTE and SEIU if your FTE is 7 hours or more)


Q: Do I have to use the online forms; can I still send the paper application forms?

A: We will still accept the paper forms, but we encourage the use of the InformedK12 online portal. The online portal will allow for more efficient and timely processing and tracking of the many transactions we receive during open enrollment. You will receive email confirmation of the successful submission. If there is missing or incorrect information on the submitted forms, you will receive an email requesting the corrections and you will re-submit once the corrections are made.

Q: I am having trouble logging in to my Gmail account. Can you help?

A:  If you are having Google/Gmail login issues, please contact the IT department Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM at 510-659-2575 extension 12611. The Benefits Department is unable to provide login information or reset passwords.

Q: ​What about dependent verification documents? I am adding my spouse/child, and I can not scan/upload the documents.

A: The dependent verification documents (birth certificate(s), marriage certificate, state domestic partner document, etc.) can be submitted through email or sent to 4210 Technology Drive, Fremont, CA 94538, Attn: Benefits. Your spouse or dependent(s) may be canceled if you have not submitted the required verification documents within 30 days of submission. We will accept copies.

Q: Why do I need the 125 tax form?

A: The 125 tax form is required by payroll when enrolling or changing a benefit plan. If you select YES next to health, dental and/or vision, your premiums will come out of your check before taxes, which will lower your taxable income.

Q: Why is there a different open enrollment and effective date for health coverage as opposed to dental and vision coverage?

A: The open enrollment period and effective date for health insurance is set by CalPERS; we are bound by our contract with CalPERS to follow the dates they have determined. Health plans are effective 01/01/2024. The dental and vision open enrollment periods are pre-determined by the respective plans, with an effective date of 10/01/2023.

Q: I do not want to make any changes to my current coverage. Do I have to do anything?

A: No. You do not need to submit anything. Your coverage will remain the same

*Effective January 1st, 2024, CalPERS is removing Health Net SmartCare from our region. For those enrolled in Health Net SmartCare, your plan will transition over to Blue Shield Access + if you do not make any changes during open enrollment.

For more information, please contact Fremont Unified School District
Human Resources, Benefits Desk

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