School Counselors Overview

whole studentOur school counselors are a supportive and dedicated group providing a wide range of services to our students. Both at the Elementary (usually across a couple schools) and Secondary level these caring and resourceful staff assist students and families in a number of ways. The main goal is to support the academic success of all students. For counselor contact info at an individual School use the "Schools" menu (upper left) to select a School and then clcik on the green Menu TEACHERS & STUDENTS.


Elementary School Counselors

Elementary School Counselors implement a program that is comprehensive, developmental, and preventive. The program focuses on services that address the academic, social-emotional, and college/career development of our students. School Counselor provides support to reduce barriers that impede on academic learning, specifically through workshops, small groups and individual support by providing strategies, and necessary resources to help.


Secondary School Counselors

Secondary School Counselors are committed to providing each student with the information they need to progress through middle and high school toward graduation and preparation for their next steps in life. Counselors will assist students in this endeavor and provide guidance to suit their individual needs.  Counselors work with students to assist them with academic, career, personal, social, and emotional concerns.  They also work with students and families to support students in any way ranging from behavior concerns to communicating with outside therapists and agencies.


More Information

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