Student Support Services Staff Contacts

Staff Contacts
First Last Name Email Ext. Title
Greg Bailey [email protected] 657-2350 Director, Student Support Services
Juanita Renner [email protected] 12615 Secretary
Stacey Bamford [email protected] 12367 Coordinator
Jennifer Athanacio [email protected] 12292 Program Specialist
Lauren Jiang [email protected] 12370 Enrollment
Declaration of Residency
Sundari Yanamanram Sankaran [email protected] 12372 Enrollment
Declaration of Residency
Berenice Silva [email protected] 12294 Enrollment
Declaration of Residency
Monica Tiojanco [email protected] 12299 Enrollment
Declaration of Residency
Brenna Lopez [email protected] 12289 Enrollment
Declaration of Residency
Bernardett Pereira [email protected] 12295 Records/Subpoena Requests
Coordination of Oral Interpreters
Carolina Macias [email protected] 12698 Attendance and Truancy
Roshni Easley [email protected] 12293 Attendance and Truancy
Janet Shue [email protected] 12665 Home-Hosptial Instruction
Intra & Inter District Transfers
Angelica Ureno [email protected] 12247 Language Assessment
Oral Translation (Spanish)
Hamed Walizada [email protected] 12331 Language Assessment
Oral Translation (Farsi & Dari)
Xing (Cindy) Wu [email protected] 12616 Language Assessment
Oral Translation (Mandarin & Cantonese)
Melissa Espinoza [email protected] 12378 Family Liaison
Chandan Preet Shergill [email protected] 12286 Social Worker
Rosie Andrade [email protected] 929-7468 MTSS Behavior Specialist
Amber Krakower [email protected] 458-8174 MTSS Behavior Specialist
Monica Ma [email protected] 759-2753 MTSS Behavior Specialist
Mia Okamoto [email protected] 753-0426 MTSS Behavior Specialist
Lucy Ho [email protected] 774-2864 Mandarin Community Liaison
Shugufa Farouqi [email protected] 435-3314 Farsi Community Liaison
Nancy Saldivar Ureno [email protected] 393-5993 Spanish Community Liaison