Advisor Expectations

Class and Club Advisers

  1. Supervise decoration making for Homecoming (This is agreed upon by the class advisors and officers)
  2. Attend Homecoming Game
  3. Supervise class sponsored dance
    • Homecoming Dance
    • Spring Fling
  4. Approve fundraisers (ensure they are ethical and responsible)
  5. Must approve the time and place of all meetings and events of the club/class.
  6. Must attend and supervise all meetings, events, and activities of the club/class.
  7. Responsible for annual budget of the club/class (Help ensure where money is going and how it is being spent)
  8. Responsible for the supervision of the collection of all funds.
  9. Responsible for seeing that all money collected for the club or class is supported by approved collection forms.
  10. All money collected must be deposited with the account clerk in a timely manner.
  11. Money and the collection forms should be turned in daily to the business office
  12. All school clubs/class organizations must be sponsored by a member of the faculty who is approved by the principal.
  13. Clubs/class must be self-supporting through club fundraising activities.
  14. Be in communication with clubs/class officers at all time.
  15. Hold monthly/weekly meetings and make sure that minutes are emailed to Ms. Mulcahy at [email protected]