Club Documents

Have a F. R. A. P.! 


Each club has an account under ASB. It is recommended that your club account has money to make desired purchases. You can fundraise by partnering with a restaurant or selling vend or/company products. All fundraisers must be pre-approved!! Fundraisers are discussed at each monthly meeting. There is also a beginning of the year lunch with club officers and advisors to go over all rules related to ASB and clubs. 

WARNING: You are not allowed to sell food or raffle items on campus by law!

Fundraiser Request Form 

 Request Activities:

To have events on and off campus, an activity request form MUST be approved by ASB prior to start. Having activities increases possibilities for more people to be interested in your club and join.


For the student body to be aware for your club activities, fundraisers, and new events you should publicize. Fill out a student bulletin request form or email Ms. Mulcahy to have your announcement included in the daily bulletin. **Please note we don't read the bulletin during testing. You can ask ASB for help if you would like a few posters around campus. The ASB Room is open Mondays at lunch for clubs to make posters of their own. If clubs leave a mess or damage supplies, the clubs will be charged and use of supplies will stop for ALL clubs.

ASB meetings take place on Wednesday's. If you have anything that you would like to be approved, it needs to turned in to room 156 by lunch time on Monday. ASB will not accept anything the morning of. Anything turned in after lunch on Monday will go for the next meeting. 

Your club will maintain a successful ongoing impact to JFK by getting involved! Once you get started, you will be one step higher! All forms should be completely filled out and turned into the Activities Director in room 156.